*** GSG-5 Range Report ***
Saturday Feb 2, 2008
St. Petersburg Pistol Club

I invited a few friends to help me test fire our store demo GSG-5. We received it with our allocation of GSG-5s that we shipped out to clients earlier this week.

Before we hit the range, we did a basic field strip and cleaning. Fit and finish is excellent. These are going to make many shooters happy this year.


CCI Mini-Mag
(2) malfunctions:
-- Failure-to-feed: user error -- improper grip interfering with external magazine spring guide
-- Failure-to-feed: user error -- magazine improperly loaded, nose dive first round

Remington Thunderbolt
(2) malfunctions:
-- Failure-to-feed: lead nose round would not properly chamber
-- Failure-to-eject: empty casing would not eject
*** We gave up on the rest of this mag and unloaded it. These guns aren't going to like lead nose ammunition after so many rounds. The gun was already quite dirty after 1000rds of CCI.

Federal 550rd loose value pack copper hollow point 32gr (available at Wal-mart)
(3) malfunctions:
-- Failure-to-fire (2): bolt carrier stripped and damaged the shell casing while loading from magazine. Round became jammed in chamber. Had to remove with knife.
-- Failure-to-return-to-battery: bolt would not close on full magazine.
*** Bolt carrier was filthy by this time (over 1100rds) so we decided to brush the chamber and feed ramp, run a BoreSnake through the barrel, and apply CLP to the carrier. We did not field strip the gun at this point.

Federal Champion High Velocity 40gr lead nose
(2) malfunctions:
-- Failure-to-eject: empty casing would not eject. This happened at 120rds after the basic cleaning and lube. Lead build up in the chamber and on the feed ramp will be a problem.
-- Failure-to-feed: lead nose round would not properly chamber. Dirty feed ramp.
*** We cleaned the feed ramp and chamber again with brush and applied CLP. We finished the last 80rds with no malfunctions.


Ammo is everything, especially if you plan to shoot a ridiculous amount in one sitting. CCI Mini-Mag ran like a Champburger with cheese. However, for the money the Federal 550rd value pack copper nose stuff was just as good at half the price. The gun had no major problems with Federal Champion HV, but you wouldn't want to shoot a lot of it between cleanings. Lead build up is an issue, so copper nose is best.

Made-in-Germany still means something. Fit and finish was excellent. Rapid fire is not a problem. This gun rocks and/or rolls! Accuracy is well above par. You get what you pay for, and this little rifle is definitely worth $499-- for the grin-factor alone. Two of my friends brought their sons to the shoot. Let's just say they know what to buy the kids for their birthday! Oh, and extra mags are a must. Someone in another thread already mentioned this and they're 100% right. We had 3 and still felt like we needed more. You can't load and shoot this thing fast enough! Still looking for a good FakePoint or FakeCOG to mount on it. The little claw mount is great for only $20.

Take-down and cleaning could be a bit easier. There are a lot of little nooks and crannies that are hard to access with brushes. Overall, this is the most exciting plinker I've ever seen. It's a must have for any fan of the HK MP5-- young and old alike.

Have a good one.
-- Evan