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The HK300
Cal. .22WMR



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The HK300, left, and HK270


Another in the now discontinued for importation series from HK is the HK300 in .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR).  With a hammer forged polygonal bore profile, the 300 has a V-Notch rear sight and conventional front sight. .  It has either a five round or 15 round box magazine capacity and a straight blowback inertia bolt.  None of these guns, with the exception of the SL6 and SL7 appears to still be manufactured.  They are not represented on the official German HK website.  I don't know with certainty though.

With the HK05 mount, a scope could be added.  The 05 mount was made for commonality with all HK sporting rifles.  The stock was made from European walnut.

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