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M635 (HK Saluting Gun)


The HK Saluting Gun M635
Cal. 75mm



The HK saluting gun is one of the more obscure products that HK offers.  I am always looking to discover more of the great product line that is not necessarily offered for sale in the United States.

The brochure states that, "The Saluting Gun is designed for ceremonial purposes only and has no offensive or defensive capability.

Ammunition is a 75mm blank cartridge that produces an extremely loud detonation.

It is a small lightweight gun mounted on a two wheel carriage complete with recoil spade.  The carriage is complete with towing eye and rubber tires.  The breech mechanism has a hand lever to unlock the breech.

Loading is carried out by inserting a cartridge into the breech until the rim of the cartridge case is engaged by the extractor.  The breech is then closed and the hand lever rotated to the locked position; the striker being cocked separately by hand.  A lanyard is used to fire the gun.

Spent case ejection is effected by swinging the breech open sharply after firing.

The Saluting Gun is used to announce sunrise and sunset during Ramadan in the Islamic World, but also internationally for flag saluting and visitors protocol."

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