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USP Expert


The USP Expert 
Universelle Selbstlade Pistole
Cal.9mm x 19/.40 S&W/ .45 ACP


USP Expert showing magazine well and extended magazine with large baseplate.

The USP Expert.  First introduced in 1998, the latest generation of USP variant is making impressive inroads in the European IPSC community with its exceptional accuracy.  First available in the U.S. in .45 ACP, the Expert is offered in three calibers as shown above.  The downside again for American shooters is the high magazine capacity of the guns as available in Europe.  12 rounds for .45 Experts, 16 rounds for .40 caliber Experts, and 18 rounds for 9mm Experts.  Truly a European IPSC lover's gun, in the U.S. all are restricted to 10 rounds.  The Expert has the extended magazine well in the 9mm and .40 caliber versions.  If added to the .45 frame, the gun would not be legal in IPSC standard class.

The extended magazine well is called the "jet funnel" by HK in Germany.

Also, the slide of the Expert has been milled to lower the profile of the rear sight.  I have not seen this modification on any other enhanced USP.

The Expert, like the USP Match, features an O-ring barrel, polygonal rifling, a trigger stop, and fully adjustable rear sight.

CaliberCyclic RateMag CapacityModes of FireWidth (in/mm)Height (in/mm)Weight (lb/kg)bbl. length (in/mm)Overall
Length (in/mm)
USP Expert 9
9 x 19NA10/15/18Semi1.265.871.905.208.81
9 x 19NA10/15/18Semi32149865132224
USP Expert 40
.40 S&WNA10/13/16Semi1.265.871.935.208.81
.40 S&WNA10/13/16Semi32149875132224
USP Expert 45
.45 ACPNA10/12Semi1.265.942.305.208.81
.45 ACPNA10/12Semi32145850132224
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USP45 Expert with detail of the accuracy enhancing O-ring.


Detail of the fully adjustable rear sight.