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USP Match


The USP Match 
Universelle Selbstlade Pistole
Cal.9mm x 19/.40 S&W/ .45 ACP


Angelina gets a Photoshop lesson in gun safety!

The USP Match.  The first offering by HK of an enhanced USP with distinct characteristics that make it more attractive to the target shooter.  With the O-Ring barrel first seen in the Mark 23, the Match includes what is called a 'compensator,' but in fact is nothing more than a stylish barrel weight.  Offered in three calibers as shown above.  The Match to my knowledge has not been offered with the magazine well and extended capacity white magazines for American importation.

The Match also features polygonal rifling, a trigger stop, and fully adjustable rear sight.

The USP Match was featured prominently in the Paramount picture Tomb Raider.  But alas, the Match has been discontinued.  Demand remains high, due in part to the Tomb Raider series.

CaliberCyclic RateMag CapacityModes of FireWidth (in/mm)Height (in/mm)Weight (lb/kg)bbl. length (in/mm)Overall
Length (in/mm)
USP Match 9
9 x 19NA10/15/18Semi1.265.942.66.029.45
9 x 19NA10/15/18Semi321451.18153240
USP Match 40
.40 S&WNA10/13/16Semi1.265.942.66.029.45
.40 S&WNA10/13/16Semi321451.18153240
USP Match 45
.45 ACPNA10/12Semi1.265.942.66.029.45
.45 ACPNA10/12Semi321501.18153240
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