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Thread: Should Teachers Carry Concealed Firearms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dms16 View Post
    Wasn't the Newtown, CT shooter home-schooled?
    Well, said that in jest, but yeah, he was home schooled because his mother disagreed with the school system or something to that extent. To your other point, yes, people are the issue. Lot's a dysfunctional people out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oicani View Post
    Lot's a dysfunctional people out there.
    We're ALL dysfunctional; it's just that coping methods and accountability have gone by the wayside and far more people can't/aren't willing to keep their **** in check.
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    There are way to many people that must be right these days and do not accept no for an answer. Values and respect are hard to find these days. But even with the best mental care there will always be people that don't take their happy pills.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent04 View Post
    If there were resources, why not? Most teachers in the country balk at the idea of being armed anyway. It won't happen no matter how much you wish it.

    No, I don't carry a firearm, because I just don't want to. My choice.
    That's a pretty giant "IF". There are not resources for that. Not by a long shot. Private security? Perhaps. But a good proportion of those guys aren't going to be an improvement over a dedicated teacher.

    And what "most teachers" think is incredibly variable, especially with respect to location. Teachers in a school system is Brooklyn might be likely to poop their pants with rage if presented with the option of being armed. In my small, rural town I know many of the teachers personally and many of them would be all for it.

    Personally, I find the sentiment that anyone of any walk of life couldn't be adequately trained to inderdict in an active shooter situation to be insulting and condescending. If you can train up an 18yo kid to tote around an M4 in Baghdad you can train up a good, dedicated teacher to respond to a lunatic. Anecdotal experience also shows that any form of resistance is better than none and that these shitbags are likely to take their own lives much sooner or give up when someone fights back.

    The point that 'everyone freezes up', sure that might happen. Might not, too. There are always stories coming out of these massacres of the teachers that tried to intervene or shielded kids with their bodies, etc. Those guys didn't freeze up and had they means to fight back effectively they very well may have prevented a lot of deaths.

    Law suits. Really? That's what we're worried about? Kids are being killed and those that survive are being exploited by statists for political gain and you're worried about who will get sued? That right there is a pretty sad treatise about our civilization.
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    Those guys didn't freeze up and had they means to fight back effectively they very well may have prevented a lot of deaths.
    Excellent point.

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    let me put it this way : i would prefer an armed teacher in my own kids classroom rather than an unarmed

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    @Bastard son, Agreed. Just pointing out noone knows what he/she will react like when the metal meets the meat. A democrat gun hating soccer mom might react heroic under stress while a internet rambo with 2nd amendment moral boosting patches hides under a desk.

    It is not fail safe. Anyone that thinks you can react adequately if someone walks in with an already shouldered AR is kidding themselves. The only thing you can do is damage control by preventing the shooter from moving freely. At the moment a lunatic walks in it is really hard to be quick enough, but I agree it can be of great benefit IF you have a couple of extra seconds (if it happens in another classroom/the hallway for example).

    I'm only saying that it is not enough. It is not foolproof. Budget wise it will also be hard to justify the cost of arming and training teachers. Schools can't even afford a healthy lunch, let alone pay for repetative training. Fund raisers are possible, sponsors.. But statistically speaking it's a huge waste of resources every year.

    Why? School shootings are rare. Yes, it happens often - but over the past 5 years 140 people incl adults and the shooters were killed in school shootings.

    To quantify that, 1160 kids aged 1-4 years died of accidents in 2014.


    So yes, arming people might help a bit but does not warrant the cost. Regardless if there are armed first responders or not, having a solid and well organized lockdown procedure helps a lot. Gun control, arming teachers, banning bump stocks.. nothing will help if there's no plan.

    I'll be the assh*le here: There are way more cost efficient ways to save 140 people. We're talking about arming and training hundreds of thousands of people here.

    Moral of the story: Making it mandatory for kids to wear bicycle helmets will most likely save more lives than stricter gun control and arming teachers combined.
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    First off, anyone see the news about the teacher barricading himself in a classroom and discharging his CCW when the headmaster tried to enter his room? Thank God he had barricaded the door prior to any students entering the classroom. Something to think about during this stressful time.

    Second, I don’t want to stray off topic too much or bring this discussion down into political philosophy, but @Oicani I have to respectfully disagree with you on Concealed Carry rights. And maybe this belongs in SoapBox but I don’t want to start a thread about it.

    Concealed Carry is a State’s right to decide and one State does not have the right to decide for another. While the Right to own and bare arms is a Federal Constitutional Right, how and when we bare those arms is not necessarily. I would think any red blooded Republican would agree with that.

    Isn’t the entire Party platform to reduce the Federal Government “over reach” and size while devolving power and decisions back to the States and localities? Or have I been missing something since Gingrich became Speaker in 1993?

    Depending on where you stand with regards to State’s rights VS Federal, then maybe a Federal Concealed Carry permit is what you are looking for? But that just looks like more Federal Laws and “over reach” to me. And I can’t imagine any Federal Regulations/Laws regarding universal (all 50 States) Concealed Carry won’t end up at the Supreme Court with States making a States’ rights arguement.

    Just some food for thought IMHO.
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    Can ANYONE please name one mass shooting where the police got to the shooting BEFORE the shooter was done? I have been seeing these for a LONG TIME and the ONLY ONE I can remember is when the Austin PD killed the guy shooting people from 'THE UT TOWER'. August 1st, 1966 when Charles Whitman was killed by the Austin police.

    THAT'S IT. All the other ones had the shooter either dead from killing them selves - almost ALWAYS a HE - and ALWAYS a liberal whacko.

    So maybe we should keep liberals from getting a gun.

    Here is a psychiatrist's explanation for WHY LIBERALS ARE SO GUN CRAZY - it's called PROJECTION

    Name of the article is RAGING AGAINST SELF DEFENSE

    Raging Against Self Defense: A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality, By Sarah Thompson, M.D.

    And let me be clear. I am a retired gunsmith (earned that degree in 1998) and one thing I CAN tell you if you do NOT carry a weapon to protect yourself for WHATEVER YOUR REASON, every time you leave your home/apt/wherever, just say to yourself "BAAA, BAAA - I'm HOPING anyone else will protect me".

    And then don't complain when kids kill kids - because honestly the solutions are EASY. Unless you have an agenda.


    Remember, just say "BAA, BAA" so at least you admit to yourself that you either can't or won't protect yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wallew View Post
    Can ANYONE please name one mass shooting where the police got to the shooting BEFORE the shooter was done?
    Easy...the Trolly Square incident in Salt Lake City, UT

    San Bernadino in 2015

    The guy in Dallas where they killed him with the robot and explosives

    Orlando (Pulse nightclub), suspect was ultimately killed by police

    Several where suspects were taken into custody on incidents you NEVER heard of:
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