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    Default Top 10 1911 Upgrades

    The Top 10 1911 Gun Mods

    Top 10 1911 Upgrades-springfield-1911-mil-spec.jpg

    An aspect of the 1911 pistol that some people really appreciate is that you can take a gun that's basically average and - with a few 1911 upgrades - make it a tack-driving machine with surgical-grade accuracy that would stop the Incredible Hulk in his tracks.

    The ability to customize a 1911 easily given the availability of upgrade parts has long been a virtue of the platform. You can really do almost anything to one. What, though, are the most common of the 1911 upgrades? Here are the top ten. Most people who modify their 1911 have one of the following, if not multiple or all of them.

    Continue reading at: Top 10 1911 Upgrades - Alien Gear Holsters Blog

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    A 1911 upgrade? How about the Hk45? If it isn't, then Larry Vickers and Ken Hackathorn sold us a bill of goods!

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    I only did 7 of the 10 upgrades on my 1911.

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    Wait a minute.....HK doesn't make a 1911, therefore, I don't own one.

    Why is this even here? Shouldn't it be in the 1911 section?.....OH wait....we don't have a 1911 we?
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