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  1. Where to find USP 45
  2. Recently installed match trigger function issue
  3. P 9S
  4. New P30L v1, in a box marked v3 with a v3 sku
  5. Mark 23 availability
  6. Trijicon's RMR Type 2 mount for P30SK
  7. Recommended Upgrades for the P30L and P2000
  8. Spring replacement timetable question
  9. WTB HK USP .40 to 9MM threaded conversion barrel or complete 9mm Tactical slide
  10. Guys with USP 9mm Expert come in
  11. Ipsc production
  12. How FPBS, TRS, and/or HS affect the pull weight of USPC LEM?
  13. USP 45 Mag Spring Problems? Also USP vs HK45?
  14. USP Expert 9mm Recoil Spring weight?
  15. anyone have the competition magwell on their vp9?
  16. VP9 - How does it hold up with time
  17. Tell me about this pistol -P7, PSP pics
  18. MK 23
  19. USPc frame pic
  20. HK P30LS Upgrades?
  21. New Addition HK USP Match Stainless 9mm...
  22. New addition to the line up.
  23. VP9L upper availability
  24. Jarvis Barrel for USP9, FTE PPU
  25. Best instructions for complete detail strip of VP9
  26. How come the Mk23 has a strong following but the Mk24 does not?
  27. HK P30 Firing Pin Stop Pin and Dry Fire
  28. Is it worth trading a NIB current production MK23, for an early MK23?
  29. Just got a HK45C...What can I do to it? Trigger is horrible and sights are terrible.
  30. P30 SKS
  31. HK USP .45 squib load and replacement gun
  32. Hk usp 9 mm
  33. USP Match sear spring question
  34. Broken P7M10?
  35. Hk45 13rd mag
  36. Look at this NIB Mark 23!!
  37. Do non-collector-grade colored frame USPs command a premium?
  38. Genuine HK45c/USP45c 8 rd magazine or not
  39. P30L dual trigger reset on DA/SA
  40. USP Match Trigger/Set Screw and Vibra-Tite VC-3
  41. Grayguns HK45/USP Short Reset System Trigger Bar Disclaimer
  42. Current Options for a USP 40S&W to 9mm Conversion
  43. USP Tactical .45 with SRO by Ashbury Precision Ordnance
  44. P30L Point of Impact
  45. VP9L with red dot milling from JL Machining
  46. New BK date coded P30L V3
  47. wanted a single pickture of a vp9 showing short leg of trigger spring in place
  48. How hard is it to get a threaded barrel on a P7M8?
  49. Do you have P7M8 SN 82348?
  50. HK45 and HK45C Od Green
  51. P7 Barrel Breech Opening Damage
  52. My HK usp 45
  53. USPc .357 frame question
  54. BK built USP quality - changes
  55. P9S 7.65 barrel questions
  56. Some advice on ammo
  57. Question about usp45 tactical slide/barrel in california
  58. Grayguns Short Rest Kit
  59. Tan HK45 Special?
  60. Calling P7 Armorers out there, P7 barrel gas port size
  61. Vp9 tactical
  62. Tlr-3 on a USPc
  63. VP70z trigger problems--what's going on here?
  64. How different are the USP, P30, VP9, and HK45 grips?
  65. Hk45c Green/Green Common or scarce/keeper limited
  66. Variant 1 to Variant 2 - How to Video?
  67. P2000 trigger return spring versus USP compact?
  68. What happened to the experts chambered in 40 S&W?
  69. Went looking for a USP, found an HK45
  70. Lem install help
  71. Can you install a safety on a P2k???
  72. Meet the P2000: The Finest High-End Gun Ever Made?
  73. Grey guns or lazy wolf
  74. vp9 frame
  75. My USP 45 with match kit....
  76. Fixing a chopped barrel?
  77. Love the Expert 45. Will I Equally Love the USP 9?
  78. Im a sucker for the black and red
  79. Trigger bar
  80. Praise to the VP Series
  81. H&K Manufactured or designed Sight Picture VP9
  82. Trigger pull on P30 V1 LEM vs V3
  83. Replacement sights for my usp expert?
  84. Compensator recommendation
  85. USPc vs p30sk advice needed
  86. Come on HK make more P30L already.
  87. HK45c with .450 SMC?
  88. first parts to break on VP9
  89. LAM1000 Mark 23 surefire adapter mod
  90. A detailed explanation of the usp match/Lem hybrid
  91. What parts interchange between the USP, P30, P2000 HK 45
  92. TF Baseplates still need filing?
  93. 45c combat conversion
  94. Detail stripping P30L question
  95. TF Magwell vs HKParts Competition Magwell?
  96. Mark 23 barrel doesn't fit anymore.
  97. VP9 SK Rust?
  98. Re:Hk usp 45 match trigger....
  99. P30SK vs P2000SK Backstrap interchangeability
  100. Converting My USP45 Expert To Single Sided Safety/Decocker
  101. USPc 9mm Sight and Accessory Options
  102. Substitute available for Enhanced Firing Pin Block Spring
  103. Well I did it ....
  104. Beavertail Grip P2000sk
  105. Hk usp 45 match trigger kit...
  106. My USP 45
  107. VP9 - An honest reappraisal
  108. P2000sk or P30sk
  109. Small hammer fired pistol
  110. Help a Canuck out with some Mark 23 questions!!!
  111. Vp9 15 magazineextensionn issue
  112. Seeking Advice On Setting Up A P30L To shoot At A 6 Oclock Hold On Suppressor Sights
  113. HK45 v1 Compact vs HK45 v7 Compact to safety or not
  114. P30 20 round mags
  115. SW mag extension on a VP9 mag
  116. HK mk23
  117. P7M8 IE Date Code "Made in Germany"
  118. Why isn't there an Optics Ready VP9 in the US yet?
  119. USP 45
  120. P30 Trigger
  121. USP 45
  122. P30 +2 Mag Extension
  123. New owner of a h&k psp
  124. HK USPc Anniversary .40 cal mystery
  125. Hk P2000 with Hk45C magazine release ?
  126. Match trigger with heavy TRS?
  127. Lazy Wolf Guns or local gunsmith?
  128. USP match triggers left anywhere?
  129. VP40 FDE color
  130. Midwestgunworks USPmatch trigger kit in-stock
  131. VP9 Budget red dot
  132. Need a little USP assembly help
  133. VP9SK weak recoil spring
  134. P2000 Hammer Options
  135. Are there any factory slides cut for RMR for P30L?
  136. help with P30 TRS #'s
  137. HK P7M8 parts/repairs
  138. p30 LEM v1 to non-lem trigger swap
  139. USP Match Trigger - Installed!
  140. HK45 with no decocker?
  141. HK VP40 Discontinued??
  142. USP Light
  143. HK45 compared to usp
  144. picture request
  145. VP9 midnight Bronze
  146. HK4 Barrel?
  147. New to me USP 45 Tactical.
  148. 9mm USP Expert Parts questions
  149. I am not often in here. I had to pull out my USP's last night,
  150. Next Import Batch from Germany?
  151. RE: Why the MK23 failed......
  152. Dremel down that sk mag lip.
  153. Olight PL-2 Mini for P2000/P2000sk
  154. HK 45 Tactical
  155. Recoil spring for USP Expert 9mm
  156. vp9 has a gritty trigger
  157. Is there anyway to tell which springs are in my USP, visually?
  158. Becoming a handgun instructor - thoughts?
  159. Red or Blue P2000 frame, pick one
  160. Hkp30sk 11 round flush fit mag.
  161. Who runs comp's on their pistols? Noticeable difference?
  162. VP9 Tactical Factory Sights
  163. Hk45c lem kit install
  164. H&K Mk23
  165. HK USPC 9mm Grey
  166. New to Me HK 45C Today
  167. P30L or stick with my P30
  168. New HK USP Expert
  169. Vp9 comp?
  170. Cerakote color to match grey VP9 frame?
  171. Have full size HK45s fallen out of favor?
  172. P8 magazine
  173. USP 9 tactical sights
  174. Expert Talon Grip Tape
  175. P30sk trigger work
  176. Vp9 grips and sight alignment
  177. +5 mag extension only allows +2
  178. VP9 wins GA state match..
  179. Couple of VP9 Questions...
  180. P2000 hammer spring question.
  181. Sold USP's and have only P series now, keep high cap mags or not???
  182. I scratched half the itch
  183. Gordon Ramsay USP
  184. Just to be clear about the CA Compliant USP45...
  185. P7 PSP
  186. VP9 + Magwell = Magazine not loading properly
  187. P30
  188. VP70z
  189. TFX Pro's on a HK45
  190. VP9 Ultra-Stiff Slide Release
  191. H2 mount
  192. Hard to source P30L or USP9?
  193. HK Expert Sights
  194. Aftermarket trigger VP9
  195. Anyone else seen this?
  196. Has HK improved their HK45 triggers over the years ?
  197. 9x23 USP?
  198. I should have been warned
  199. Has this p7m8 been refinished?
  200. USP Compact 45 auto (tactical) rarity
  201. USP45 Expert, is this true love?
  202. New USP 45 Compact Threaded Barrel Fits Extremely Tight. How Tight is Too Tight?
  203. USP Compact .40 vs. HK45C
  204. P2000 and P2000sk trigger swaps
  205. SP5K bolt group.....not sure whether or not Iím crazy
  206. Scrounged up an HK4
  207. USP 45 trigger upgrades
  208. Sp5k paddle release
  209. P30 vs P30SK
  210. SP5K won't fully charge
  211. P30L in action...
  212. HK Parts Muzzle Brake for the P30L
  213. HK45 Expert mag compatibility?
  214. VP9 Riding The Slide Lock.
  215. HK USP and P7 Armorer Course offered in Las Vegas, NV 19-20 October
  216. P2000 vs P30 mag release access
  217. OEM HK45 After maket sights, real improvment?
  218. USP Elite in .45
  219. P30l in 2020
  220. Brand new HK45c v1, concerning problem but not rendered defective
  221. Streamlight TLR-7
  222. LEM woes
  223. Back to the .45ACP- USP45 and HK45CT
  224. Hk45c sticky reset. Light lem culprit?
  225. USA Proofed VP9?
  226. Is there a HK hammer tactical 9?
  227. HK P30SK and Keystone Munitions 147gr 9mm: warning
  228. P7M8 mag inflation?
  229. Support sleeve for VP9 or VP9SK firing pin
  230. HK USP 45acp mag compatible with HK45 V1?
  231. Fde usp 9?
  232. Need help finding a working LIGHT, HK45C
  233. P2000 XL Backstrap not big enough
  234. Hkp30sk l.e.m trigger talk
  235. Hk usp 9 trigger reset ( aa date code )
  236. Usp laser engraved logo on usp ( hk logo fading )
  237. P2000sk V3 to LEM.. Questions
  238. RE: P8 or USP 9MM????
  239. Sight Selection
  240. hkparts HK45C/USP 45C mag extensions
  241. Help deciding
  242. Possible corrosion on P7 piston
  243. P30S... sold
  244. USP rear adjustable sight 988281 vs 986844
  245. USP9c Advice: (white plastic sleeve) Recoil Assembly
  246. Finallly, a P7M13 I can afford.
  247. Another HK VP9 Trigger Bar Spring Failure
  248. How to Increase the Trigger Pull Weight on a USP 45 Expert?
  249. Dinged up magwell
  250. I got really lucky and found my unicorn