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  1. WTB: HK 3 Lug Flash Hider
  2. WTB: HK 416 black slimline stock
  3. WTB: Psg1 cocking tube
  4. WTB: HK416 Parts
  5. WTB: Surefire 628 MP5 Forearm
  6. WTB: HK USP Compact Threaded Barrel
  7. WTB: HK21 Parts
  8. WTB: B&T Low "Shorty" MP5 Mounting Rail
  9. WTB: HK USP UTL Pressure Switch Pad!
  10. WTB: HK 416/MR556 Parts
  11. WTB: carry handle for HK91 rifle
  12. WTB: factory H&K slim forearm
  14. WTS: Laser Devices BA-6 HK USP Tactical
  15. WTB HK416 Slimline stock
  16. WTB. HK 45c Barrel
  17. WTB: ump45 barrel
  18. WTB: SP5k/mp5k ambiance burst housing
  19. WTB: HK45 Front Suppressor Height Sight
  20. WTB: HK style sights for ar-15
  21. WTB: HK 53 A3 stock new style
  22. WTB: MR556 front takedown pin
  23. WTB: HK MR556/416 buffer & spring
  24. WTB: HK4 .22LR Magazine
  25. WTB: Mark 23 Horizontal Style Operator's Manual
  26. WTT: 0,1,3,F ambi housing C/P for HK shelf for your 0,1 C/P housing
  27. WTB: 416/MR556 Battlegrip
  28. WTB: HK4 .32ACP Kit or Barrel
  29. WTB: HK416 BA Date Code Upper
  30. WTB Ral 416 parts
  31. WTB: MP5K Vertical Foregrip
  32. WTB: Ultra Low Pro MP5 Aimpoint Mount
  33. WTB: mr556 lower parts
  34. WTB: G36 IDZ Stock
  35. WTB: vp9 9mm threaded barrel - 1/2 x 28
  36. WTB: G28 stock in RAL8000
  37. WTB: P9S Buffer Support
  38. WTB: Nice MP5 Surefire 628 LED
  39. WTB: Remington RAHG 10 Black
  40. WTB: MR556 (milspec) factory HK buffer tube.
  41. WTB: MP5k foregrip (German)
  42. WTB: pictograph SEF housing
  43. WTB: hk 91 stock
  44. WTB:MP5 A3 stock (non F type)
  45. WTB: HK 9mm LE marked Magazine
  46. WTB: GrayGuns Short Reset System for P30 without a safety
  47. WTB: B&T APC stock for UMP
  48. WTB: extended safety selector lever (ESSL) and MP5K vertical grip
  49. WTB: HK45 Firing Pin Block
  50. WTB: HK USP 40 recoil rod
  51. FOUND
  52. WTB: hk-206421 mp5k handguard with foregrip
  53. WTB: Hk45 barrel
  54. WTB: CNCGuns 80% HK style lower
  55. WTB: RED magazine followers for P30/vp9
  56. WTB: Hk usp utl (mk one)
  57. WTB: Navy (0,1,F) clipped/pinned trigger housing
  58. WTB: USP9 Jet Funnel and Mags
  59. WTB: USC 45 factory barrel
  60. WTB: P30L 9mm Factory threaded barrel
  61. WTB: Foam for Pelican case for Hk G28
  62. WTB: PTR SF trigger grip frame housing
  63. WTB: HK mp5 A2 stocks
  64. WTB: Remington RAHG 10 inch BLACK
  65. WTB: Silencerco specwar break 15x1rh
  66. WTB: Magpul EMAG - single window
  67. WTB: hk91 a2 stock
  68. WTB: G36 Front and Rear Sight Assemblies
  69. WTB: Mad Max Bolt Head for MP5
  70. WTB: hk416 lpk
  71. WTB: P8A1 or USP Jet funnel mags
  72. WTB: HK MP5 original slim hand-guard and Tac-Guard handstop.
  73. WTB: G36 4-position burst lower
  74. WTB: factory 357 barrel for my 40 USP C
  75. WTB: HK USP FS 9mm Match Hybrid LEM Kit
  76. WTB: HK MP5 A3 F Stock
  77. WTB: HK G36 Hensoldt 3X optic tube
  78. WTB: Tripod standoffs for the hk21 stock backplate.
  79. WTB: USP (Universal) LEM conversion kit
  80. WTB: PSG1 Forearm
  81. WTB: MP5 Magazine Coupler
  82. WTB: MP5K Vertical Foregrip
  83. FOUND** WTB: Axle Pin (for a G36 folding stock)
  84. WTB: 416-A5 RAL800 V7 Pistol Grip
  85. WTB: 416/MR556 charging handle in black
  86. WTB: Hk45c 20-round mag or the extension kit itself
  87. WTB: HK 416 Complete Upper BA Date Code
  88. WTB: LEM kit for USP9 Compact
  89. WTB: MFI G28 flash hider Old style without locking lugs
  90. WTB: new or new take-off MR556 receiver takedown pins
  91. WTB: HK Pistol Case
  92. WTB: MR556 Spare Magazine
  93. WTB: early mp5 german tele stock
  94. WTB: Insight ISM-V
  95. WTB: P9S parts
  96. WTB: UMP 4 position lower
  97. WTB: MR556 takedown pins Front & Rear
  98. WTB: Grayguns P30S - Short Reset System
  99. WTB: HK 9/40 Match weight mount
  100. WTB: 9/40 Match weight
  101. WTB: Model 770 Spare Mag
  102. WTB: New HK 93/53/33 Cocking Lever/Handle with Rubber
  103. WTB: MP5 Straight Mag Follower
  104. WTB: Hk416 Piston Rod
  105. WTB: KAC front and rear sights for g36
  106. WTB: LEM hybrid trigger kit
  107. WTB: HK VP9/40 OEM Recoil Spring Assembly
  108. WTB: VP9 Medium Backstap in Black
  109. WTB: PSG1 forearm and complete bolt group
  110. WTB Extended .45 P9S Barrel for use with Supressor
  111. WTB: MP5 A2 Stock-factory German only
  112. WTB: German G36/UMP 2-Position Notched Disk
  113. WTB: 416 quad rail screw
  114. WTB: HK 416 lower parts
  115. WTB: HK SP5K Factory Case
  116. WTB: Psg-1 rear stock
  117. WTB: MR556 Grip and Stock in Black
  118. WTB: some parts for my new Sl8-1 sight Handle picatanny rail and black stock spacers
  119. WTB: USP Compact 9/40 sights
  120. WTB: G3 Bi-Pod
  121. WTB: G3 Black Stock
  122. WTB: G36E Gas Piston Rod US Made
  123. WTB: MP5K A4 folding stock butt cap section only
  124. WTB: Titan Defense TD415 upper
  125. WTB/WTT: MR556 slim gas block 50235691
  126. WTB: MP5 cocking tube and front sight tower
  127. WTB: USP Match Trigger Kit for 9mm
  128. WTB/WTT: AICS 700 for MR556/416 upper
  129. WTB: USP LEM Kit
  130. WTB: P7K3 .380 Barrel
  131. WTB: HK416 buffer extension with the castle nut and end plate
  132. WTB: B&T optic rail (10266) for MP5
  133. WTB: G36 mag-well adapter HK OEM or Spuhr; Full length Lower Rails for G36C & G36K
  134. WTB: HK416 10.4 upper S/N 88-004775
  135. WTB: HK MP-5 4 pos stock
  136. WTB: P30 V3 stuff
  137. WTB: HK 416 10.3" upper, collectibility not important
  138. WTB: MR09 USP Surefire adapter
  139. WTB: HK Mark 23 Operator Manual
  140. WTB: Surefire 628 - old school, used, undamaged :)
  141. WTB: low ring for Aimpoint Pro
  142. WTB: 416 Castle Nut and Grip
  143. WTB: HK p30/VP9 10 round magazines
  144. HK93 /53 /33 or contract parts
  145. WTB: Gray Guns P30 Short Reset System
  146. Deleted
  147. WTB: HK416 BA Date Code Upper
  148. WTB: Regular HK A3 Stock (not F)
  149. WTB: G36C and G36K parts
  150. WTB: G36 4-Position Selector Levers
  151. WTB: MR556 Gas Block New Takeoff
  152. WTB: PSG1 style trigger shoe...
  153. WTB: MP5/MP5K parts kit
  154. WTB: Steiner forearm with weapon light for MP5
  155. WTB: LEM kit
  156. WTB: Trijicon HD set for P2000sk
  157. WTB: UMP German Bolts and Barrels
  158. WTB: 416 / MR556 Buffer Retainer Pins, Spring For Lower Receiver
  159. WTB: HK45C Barrel
  160. WTB: g28 patrol hand guard or 417 slimline hand guard
  161. WTB: G36 polymer lo-pro style top rail
  162. WTB: Fero Z51 with complete kit
  163. WTB: HK45 Compact Barrel
  164. WTB: German PSG1 handguard
  165. WTB H&k 417 type stuff - slim line, g28 e3, v7grip
  166. WTB: German Factory MP5K PDW Vertical "K" Grip
  167. WTB: 416/MR556 lower parts.
  168. WTB: HK 416 E1 Stock & Buffer Tube and 416 Battle Grip With Storage Compartment
  169. WTB: MP5 and MP5 40 parts needed
  170. WTB: P7M13 item
  171. WTB: PSG1 trigger
  172. WTB: ZF1, ZF24, or ARMS STANAG Rings.
  173. WTB: SL8 or G36 semi trigger group
  174. WTB: MP5K Parts
  175. FOUND: HK Official History book
  176. WTB: USP9 Tactical Complete Recoil Assembly
  177. WTB: German MP5K vertical grip forearm
  178. Wtb: *found*
  179. WTB: HK 51 style retractable stock
  180. WTB: SP89 semi carrier
  181. WTB: Clipped and Pinned MP5 housing
  182. WTB:HK-C1 binary
  183. Ral8000 MP5 mags
  184. WTB: Match Weight’s 9/40 and 45
  185. WTB: MP5K SEF Navy Housing
  186. WTB: Dakota Tactical Mlok MP5 rail
  187. WTB: HK USP Match Hammer
  188. WTB: MP5 early tele stock
  189. WTB: Screw and threaded bushing for P9S
  190. Looking for the correct rivet for wooden hand guard.
  191. WTB: HK416 A5 Extended castle nut
  192. WTB: HK 416 complete upper BG date code or newer....
  193. WTB: Jarvis 40 S&W Match Barrel
  194. FOUND: MP5SD Spanner Wrench
  195. WTT: B&T MP5k-PDW Barrel
  196. WTB: HK MP5 LEO Magazines
  197. WTB/WTT: GSG9 US G36 semi carrier or bcg
  198. WTB: UMP9 Magazines
  199. WTB: PSG1 buttstock and PSG1 forward assist...
  200. WTB: HK53 parts kit
  201. WTB HK 21e/23e 17" barrel carry case
  202. Trouble locating hammer 209262
  203. HK MP5 10mm
  204. WTB: HK USP Magazines and basic parts - go to place for buying ?
  205. WTB: H&K MP5 A3 Stock
  206. WTB: HK MR556 slimline stock in ral or tan
  207. WTB: HK416 RAL8000 Gen 3 Magazines
  208. WTB: UMP FBI Lower
  209. HK94 to MP5 conversion - source for best available conditon German barrels?
  210. WTB: SP89 Parts
  211. WTB: Hk Mp5 A3 stock (not F) for a 40/10
  212. WTB: instruction sheet for HK MP5 HK93 HK91 HK100 LASER
  213. WTB: HK Bipod
  214. WTB: 2004 HK catalog
  215. WTB: HK416C type 2 stock, RAL8000 ejection port cover, RAL8000 trigger guard, and
  216. WTB: G36E or converted SL8 barrel
  217. WTB: Troy G36c rail
  218. WTB: SL8 Barrel
  219. WTB: PSG1 or MSG90 Handguard...
  220. WTB: HK 93 Collapsible stock & 5 round Magazine
  221. WTB: 93/33 Wood Forearm.
  222. WTB: book "Full Circle" *FOUND*
  223. WTB: UMP 45 Barrel
  224. WTB: HK USP UTL (Version 1)
  225. WTB: KAC front G36 buis
  226. WTB/WTT: G36 Bipod
  227. WTB: 33/53/93 Ejector Lever
  228. WTB: HK OEM 416/556 Mil-Spec Buffer extension
  229. WTB: New HK factory K grip
  230. WTB: HK threaded barrel for P30
  231. WTB: GrayGuns H&K Short Reset Kit (no Safety) paying $120 shipped
  232. WTB: G36 FBI 2 Position Lowers & Housings
  233. WTB: HK Pistol Bag with Shoulder Straps
  234. Please delete
  235. WTB: UMP45 bolt
  236. FOUND: VP9 LS Mount for Burris FastFire III Red Dot
  237. WTB: Extended ported USP 45 barrel
  238. WTB: UMP magazine release axle pin.
  239. WTB: HK416/MR556 Lower Parts Kit+
  240. WTB: mr556/416 op rod(s)
  241. Found
  242. WTB: MSG90 receiver flat (not G3 flat)...
  243. WTB: Factory HK UMP magazine release paddle
  244. WTB: 4-position lower
  245. WTB: this low-profile P30 compensator
  246. Found
  247. WTB: USP45 Match Weight
  248. WTB: Factory HK91 Mag Clamp
  249. WTB: Hk416 bushing
  250. WTB: Zenith MKE Semi Trigger Pack Needed