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  49. Turner's has MR762
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  52. Threaded Barrel Modification
  53. SB 374 Bans almost all semi-automatic rifles. Governor has till October 13th to Veto!
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  61. Turner's Hunt Ads August 16 - August 22
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  67. 1HK P30 and 3 HK 45c 's in stock in Southern Cal
  68. BREAKING: California Senate approves 8 gun control bills, including ammo registry
  69. any gunsmiths in So Cal that can remove threads from a threaded barrel ?
  70. For Southern Cal members
  71. California Micro Stamp..
  72. 2013 Turner's Outdoorsman Shooting Sports Fair At Raahauges! May 31st - June 2nd
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  81. P7 PSP legal in Kali.
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  83. Bachelor Do wanna go hunting
  84. is upper shipment legal
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  86. Monterey Bay Area?
  87. FFL for MKE Transfer in LA or North OC?
  88. HK45, HK45c, P30 and P30L available in SoCal as SSE!!
  89. Do any of the builders on here build MP5 clones for California?
  90. HK Armorer Bay Area?
  91. Newbie to bench shooting in San Diego - Are there any good ranges for 7.62 at 100 m +
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  93. Turner's has USC on sales $1299
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  95. Who's in San Diego?
  96. Wish more out of state sellers were CA friendly...
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  103. Todd Louis Green AFHF Los Angeles (CA) November 2010
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  105. Lem
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  108. AB962 - Your urgent action is required to protect your rights!
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  119. wow this forum rocks!
  120. Moving to SB
  121. HK P7M8 on DOJ List
  122. Anyone near Pasadena, CA 91106?
  123. SoCal gun shows?
  124. Anyone interested in an HK/EVIL BLACK RIFLE shoot on July 5th?
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  129. Yes, HK45 is now available in CA
  130. Anybody interested?????
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  132. SP89
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  135. Just ordered my first firearm!
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  137. expiring from CA approved list
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  154. USP tactical in Cali ??
  155. Are UMP conversions legal here with a non folding stock
  156. San Gabriel Valley: Arcadia
  157. SF Bay Area (Peninsula)
  158. H.B.
  159. sandiego