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  1. SCOTUS reviewing NY Premise restriction (NYSRPA lawsuit)
  2. [Video] HK45 in USPSA at Colonial range in Staten Island
  3. HK91 featured in NY AFF movie
  4. NYPD Residence Premise License DENIED, APPEAL
  5. NYC Gun Owners – ALERT
  6. Any Upstate NY HK45 owners?
  7. Suffolk county psitol permit holders
  8. SAFE Act 7 round provision struck down
  9. NYC/NYS FFL question
  10. Utah CCW & Florida CCW license class - Sun. 7/2/13 and Sun. 7/28/13 in Manhattan
  11. Got approved by 1PP and picked up my HK45C!
  12. Utah CCW license course - Sun. 6/23/13 downtown Manhattan
  13. NY SAFE Act info
  14. Shooting in the village
  15. Permit holder arrested for loading 2 extra cartridges...
  16. Utah CCW course in Manhattan - Sun. 4/21/13
  17. NY confiscatting firearms?
  18. Purchase authorization request form question
  19. Bought HK45c yesterday!
  20. Applied for my NYC pistol license today!
  21. NY Sate gun owners petition - Please help us !
  22. All newyorkers must sign this petition to repeal nysafeact
  23. New York State HK45c FDE guys, updates here when I get them.
  24. Utah CCW course - tomorrow 12/27
  25. Appeals Court uphold NY Permit "need" requirement - Kachalsky et al
  26. Gunsmith Recommendations
  27. Sending post ban hi cap mags to LEO in NY Though an FFL
  29. Getting a License in NYC Questions
  30. [NEWS] NYC's "illegal guns" were sourced through NYPD... (conviction)
  31. Residence Permit Renewal
  32. Current time for NYC Resident Premises renewals?
  33. Cuomo Signs NY Budget: Elimiated CoBIS!!!!!
  34. NYC Rifle/Shotgun Renewal
  35. regarding purchase authorization form
  36. Pawling Pistol Club is looking for new members. Southern Dutchess County
  37. NEW NYC premises license holder
  38. Renewal Time
  39. Got this idea from the NJ thread....
  40. Can I be denied for a NYC premese permit if?
  41. Possible new NYC Pistol licensee
  42. hello newbie here need info
  43. LEOs feeling the hurt of the "pistol permits are public information"
  44. Florida CCW course
  45. SAF vs. NYC
  46. NYC legal rifles
  47. Rented an HK G36 (Full Auto)
  48. Best Niagra area/Buffalo gun show?
  50. Rifle shipping?
  51. Fl guy acquitted of gun in NYC
  52. LIF submits a brief in the Westchester case
  53. NYC centered classifieds?
  54. Did you guys see this ? : LI gun dealers busted
  56. [NEWS]NYPD discloses accidental discahrges of firearms by NYPD officers
  57. NYC being sued over handgun fees?
  58. NYPD permit approved after appeal.
  59. New Jersey’s concealed carry permit laws challenged
  60. Ransom Rest at Westside?
  61. Hello fellow New Yorkers!
  62. Peremit Denied NYC
  63. News reporter breaking the law.
  64. cheapest ammo near the city
  65. Approved gun list...
  66. H&K Dealers
  67. NYPD wait time after interview?
  68. Got letter from Rifle/Shotgun section-Don't have records of two rifles registered
  69. NYPD Handgun License
  70. Another new HK owner in NY !
  71. CZ 527 carbine in NYC?
  72. Hunter's Ed course in NYC?
  73. NYC handgun permit - process getting even faster
  74. public comments on NYPD rules change
  75. SAF bring the "shall issue" case to court for NY
  76. Utah CCW Course in Manhattan
  77. Westside Pistol Range
  78. Buying Second gun
  79. What's UP HKPRO NY!
  80. Another 1PP experience
  81. And so it begins
  82. Long Island Ranges
  83. NYPD pop in checks
  84. NYS Pistol License Database is now ONLINE!
  85. Looks like microstamping will pass in NY
  86. Question on NYC rifle permit renewal-change in form to list rifles and shotguns
  87. Demo Day at Mitchell Field
  88. Threaded barrel legality in the city...
  89. Rifle/Shotgun Permit
  90. Will this be NYC legal
  91. Moving out of NYC
  92. Anyone from NYC have a permit from any other states?
  93. Rifle/Shotgun registration question
  94. FFL transfer to NY from out-of state family member
  95. Never A Dull Moment in NYC...
  96. NYC Pistol Permit Denial (need some help)
  97. Renting a P30 in NY
  98. Vickers Tactical
  99. Fight NYC
  100. Rifle/Shotgun outside NYC
  101. Bloombutt at it again
  102. How to Get Hunting Authorization Card for NYC Resident Premises Lic
  103. Supreme Court to hear McDonald vs. Chicago
  104. Pennsylvania is Fighting Bloomberg!
  105. A good FFL transfer in Rockland ?
  106. NY Resident buying "pre-ban" Out Of State?
  107. 5 round(NYC Compliant)Available Magazines
  108. Middletown Show 9/12 & 13
  109. The Big Day for Me
  110. DMG311 May be returning to NY
  111. Purchase Authorization Extension
  112. Handgun Residence Permit
  113. Pistol License Info By County
  114. Typical NYC pistol license renewal time?
  115. NYTIMES In New York, Number of Killings Rises
  116. NYTIMES | In New York, Number of Killings Rises With Heat
  117. NYPD paying visits to some long arm owners
  118. You won't see this on tonight news...
  119. Discussion on RKBA & politics in NYC/NYS
  120. POLL: Has the FAQ helped you become an HK Owner in NYC?
  121. NYC allowed calibers
  122. [Court Ruling]2nd Amendment not applicable to states
  123. Wouldn't expect this from the WSJ
  124. Utah Carry Permit Class
  125. Flushing?
  126. Public Service Annoucement from NYPD
  127. [NEWS]Gillianbrand to replace Hilary!
  128. NY Gun show in two weeks
  129. NY HK-Owners *CHAT*
  130. hello to all my brethren in East Berlin
  131. Post disappeared?
  132. Purchase Authorization Request
  133. [VIDEO]Robbery victim complies with gunman, still gets shot
  134. Coliseum Guns in Nassau
  135. Bloomberg cuts the incoming 1,100 NYPD cadets
  136. Tactical Carbine Matches
  137. January 2009 Get Together?
  138. [NEWS]NY new-gun database has yet to lead to prosecution
  139. MA non-resident licensing regime overview
  140. Middletown Gun Show
  141. "Pistol Grip" long guns in NYC??
  142. Shot a P9S today...WOW
  143. [NEWS]Gov. Patterson signs pro-gun legislation
  144. Down State Gun Shows?????
  145. USP 45
  146. Recommendations for a gunsmith in/near Orange County?
  147. Recommendations for a gunsmisth in/near Orange County?
  148. P30 in NY???
  149. [NEWS]Robbery Victim kills intruder in Queens
  150. [NEWS] "Ninja" Burglar(s) to be deported
  151. Ton of Anti-gun legislation coming out...
  152. NY Microstamping bill
  153. NY Bill 1284 Passed...
  154. Bobcat BW-89 SP89
  155. HK45 in NYC at Local Dealer.
  156. Bad legislation set to push this month...
  157. # MueveloNYC's NYC Gun FAQ (Laws and Procedures)
  158. NYC's next after Heller
  159. Client 9
  160. Anyone selling hk parts?
  161. Gunman on Stony Brook Campus
  162. Alarming News for NYC HK'ers.
  163. anyone in Nassau up to shoot
  164. Legal in NY State?
  165. Merry Christmas NY'ers
  166. Hello, new guy here
  167. CDNN No longer shipping handguns to NY State!!
  168. DMG311's moving
  169. NY/NYC Permit / Rookie Questions / HK Guidance
  170. P30 or HK45 in NYC yet?
  171. P30 Finally In!
  172. SHipping a gun to NY/Problems??
  173. Outdoor Shoot Get Together?
  174. HKNY Story
  175. Calverton, NY - HK Fall Shoot, ANYONE?
  176. NYS/C Metro Shoot Quick Reminder.
  177. I went to the Rochester Gun show today!
  178. NYC Metro Shoot - Meeting Time?
  179. [NEWS]Criminals Still Fail to Obey NY Gun Law
  180. Middleton Gun Show.
  181. USP 45 CT legal to own in NY State?
  182. Ammo requests for shoot
  183. What Should I Get Next?
  184. New NY Bills would effectively ban all HK Shotguns
  185. Huge gun shootout 3 blocks away from me