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  1. NFA in DFW
  2. Any Dallas Pro Members interested in testing a new HK platform accy. & review?
  3. DFW area full auto friendly ranges?
  4. Houston Outdoor full auto friendly ranges?
  5. DFW area Jig?
  6. can you recommend a GS for trigger work Waco area
  7. Heads up Houston HK 416 Upper 10.4 complete
  8. add on paddle release on HKSP5K and change barel to a 3 lug
  9. Where can I rent an HK45c in the greater Houston area?
  10. Anyone near Woodville TX? 4hrs SE of Dallas
  11. West Houston Firearms
  12. Where in San Antonio/Austin can I....
  13. Anyone from PRO going to MakinBacon4 MG Shoot
  14. Whos the guy in the gray Toyota in the Katy area with the license plate 4.6x30?
  15. Outstanding Texas Training Opportunity
  16. HK recommended gun smith in Houston Tx.
  17. Dealers in Austin
  18. Texas Open Carry goes into affect Jan 1st Attorney General releases opinions
  19. New to Forum... DFW HK Smiths?
  20. CLEO sign-offs, San Antonio/Bexar Co?
  21. Training
  22. San Antonio HK owners what kind of weapons do yall own?
  23. Any MP5 owners in San Antonio?
  24. Anyone in DFW with a VP9 compatible or universal sight pusher that may work?
  25. HK Gunsmith in San Antonio, TX
  26. Anybody happen to be in the Longview or Tyler area?
  27. P30/P2000 Owners in San Antonio?
  28. CHL Question
  29. Houston, TX need help converting USPc from LEM to Light LEM
  30. HK in Houston?
  31. Anyone In Austin, TX Area Willing to Help a Fellow Member?
  32. Edged Weapons Training in Houston
  33. Good Ranges In Wichita Falls, TX?
  34. Corpus Christi in the house!
  35. Austin,Texas gun ranges
  36. New CA94 owner in Houston
  37. DFW Gun Range
  38. Looking for a good HK gunsmith in Houston TX area
  39. Edged Weapons Training with Steve Tarani/HiTS, Feb 23/24 Dallas
  40. Dallas Mayor all-in on Obama gun control.
  41. Dallas Ft Worth/Texas Gun Shops?
  42. Athena Gun Club
  43. Sight adjustment in Houston area.
  44. Local Gun Store in DFW with Good HK Selection
  45. HiTS Training-Dallas
  46. HiTS Training Announcement
  47. New and coming soon pistol/rifle ranges north of DFW.
  48. anybody have a sight adjustment tool?
  49. HKPro HK45 Range Day
  50. Dallas area shop with HK45c in stock?
  51. North Texas HK Pro Memebers, let's go shooting
  52. El Paso, TX New
  53. Anyone have HK P2000SK in the Spring/Conroe-Tx area?
  54. Dallas Market Hall Gun Show
  55. H&K Certified smiths in DFW
  56. HK Smiths Houston Area
  57. Need some assistance in Houston
  58. 3 gun in the middle?
  59. DFW Ranges
  60. Anyone wanna meet up for a shoot?
  61. houston ranges
  62. USP Variant Switch in San Antonio or College Station?
  63. El Paso / Fort Bliss
  64. DFW area - Anyone willing to let me look at your P7?
  65. DFW area Greet and Shoot Spring 2010
  66. Hello from Houston
  67. Howdy!
  68. Could you tell me when this is worth?
  69. El Paso anyone ?
  70. East Texas (longview) HK users
  71. Who bought the Expert?
  72. Houston Trigger Swap
  73. East Texas Silencer Expo
  74. Texas Gun Talk Houston Shoot
  75. HK smiths in the DFW area?
  76. Wichita Falls gun shops/shooting ranges?
  77. Houston area shops
  78. H&K Armorer near Austin, TX?
  79. Austin Meet & Greet at Lone Star - 1/5/09
  80. Magpul Pmags in DFW?
  81. Austin Meet & Greet at Lone Star - 10/25/08
  82. Waco
  83. Waco TX. Smith's
  84. Anyone had an HK remarked locally in DFW area?
  85. Meet and Greet and Pistol Comp. - August 24th
  86. New HK owner in Houston Area!
  87. Houston H&K Collectors/Shooters
  88. Noobie here
  89. Who Stocks a Variety of HK's in San Antonio or Austin?
  90. East Texas (Longview) MG shoot 26 April
  91. New Texas Gun Forum
  92. new to the board and loking for DFW HK owners
  93. Ft. Worth Gunshow....
  94. Meeting up in Houston
  95. Firearm Engraving in DFW?
  96. Corp. FFL in Collin County
  97. DFW meet and shoot- #2
  98. HK USP owners in Houston?
  99. Tactical Shooting Competition?
  100. North Texas Shooting Academy
  101. NE Texas Crew Shoot 9/29 (new details bottom of page 2 including $)
  102. CIII Dealers in West TX?
  103. Plano/Allen/McKinney FFL?
  104. WTK: HK shops in DFW area
  105. P2K Owners in San Antonio
  106. Houston area gun show 12/30
  107. DFW meet and shoot
  108. san antonio
  109. Houston shoot - next Sat, Oct. 28?
  110. East Texas HKers