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    Post Issue resolved

    Augustine Gun Parts offered 9mm match barrels for sale last year and I PMed Ted on Dec 21st. He replied on 23rd that 'The Match Barrels can be ordered directly over our web site per credit card or Bank Transfer. '

    So I placed an order of 1 barrel the next day Dec 24th and paid in full with credit card. Thought it's going to be a long wait so I did not bother to check order status until 2 months ago. Sent inquiry on their 'contact' page asking what is going on and if I'm missing anything on my end, which should go to [email protected]. No response.

    So I tried again and sent a PM to Ted on May 11th and did not hear back as of today. Looks like Ted has been on here posting since yesterday so he must have seen the PM. Apparently he doesn't feel the need to update me on the order while had my money for almost 6 months.

    Did not want to rant but it is extremely frustrating. In my book this is poor customer service and business practice, I would recommend you to look elsewhere before Augustine Gun Parts for your gun parts need.
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    The amount you have waited, and the fact that you have sent emails and still nothing, shows poor customer service. I would file a complaint with your bank card/ credit card company and get your money back.

    In my book a good company will not charge you until the item in question is in the shipping department getting ready to ship out to you. The fact they have held your money for 6 months and you have no product shows they are a very poor business.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I will make sure not to do business with them. That is absolutely unacceptable.

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    Communication issues aside...It isn't uncommon for import/export to take 6 months. It isn't like buying from a US retailer.
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    I'm sorry for your bad experience with us. Sometimes planning to follow up on an email and get back to someone...well sometimes you just forget. For that I'm sorry.

    I'm also sorry for your long wait on the match barrel. Unfotunately it is a registered item here in Germany and cannot be exported or imported into the US without a Form 6 from the ATF and export permission from the German side. The match barrels have been going through the import process to make it over to Mike Otte at Michael's Machines, who is acting as importing FFL. I don't have much control over wait times when dealing with government approvals.

    As a token of my sincerest apologies, I will refund the full purchase price of the barrel, and when it makes it to Michael Otte, I will have him overnight it to you on my dime.

    Please contact me by PM or email to arrange the refund.

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    Now THAT is customer service!!!
    You are an honorable, Supporting Vendor.


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    Sorry to get back late, had to travel on short notice. Thanks for the response, I appreciate the generous offer but it is not necessary. I really don't mind the wait; Had waited much longer for some of the group buys. I assume many of your prospects are like me, don't have much experiences importing firearm /parts. It helps to briefly explain the importing process and the potential wait period on your web store or make a sticky post in your sub-forum; That way I would have been more patient. Post title edited.
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