calling a VP9 owner in or near Ukiah, CA
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Thread: calling a VP9 owner in or near Ukiah, CA

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    Default calling a VP9 owner in or near Ukiah, CA

    hi all. i have a subscriber of my youtube channel (shameless plug - search youtube and facebook for: Blactical) who saw my VP9 review and would like to try one out. since he is in kommiefornia renting one or finding someone who has one in a small town is a challenge. he tells me there is a local range he can shoot at and would like to meet a VP9 owner so he can get a feel for the HK before he buys one. if any of the forum members can help out it would be most appreciated. you dont have to transmit info in the clear, you can pm me. thanks!
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    I'm in Sacramento, if he makes it this way I can help.
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