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    Default New to Forum Introduction

    Hello Everyone!

    Seven more days until I pick up my P2KSK, 9mm, V3! Bought it new for a about $800.00 (OTD).

    This will be my second HK. I owned a .40 USPC back in the mid '90s. But I didn't hang on to it very long.

    My main current pistol is a Glock Model 23 (gen. 4). I decided to look into 9mms due to ammo cost and I wanted something a tad more concealable. Around my parts, its about $20 for a box of 50 in .40 and $23 for a box of 100 in 9mm, both Winchester FMJ. I seriously considered the M&P shield because its so thin but I didn't like the way it shot. I also looked into the Glock 43. My short list was:

    1) HK P2KSK;
    2) Sig P239;
    3) Sig P220c;
    4) Sig P229.

    On paper and at the gun store I was able to eliminate the Sigs off my list just because I couldn't justify their sizes and weights with capacity and practicality. Best advice I was given was "if it's too big to conceal or too heavy to won't carry it!"

    And what I was shopping for was a primary EDC. I would LOVE any and all of the Sig's I mentioned above as "range" guns. But to have it strapped to my EVERY DAY for hours on end? I also wear tailored suits everyday and on my off days ride motorcycles. Not very easy to conceal in a suit or on a bike.

    I rented a P2KSK in 9mm at my local range and feel in love! It didn't feel quite as "mouse-gun"ey as my brother's M&P Shield (9mm). Precieved recoil was managed so well, my 11 year old shot a few magazines with it and was pretty dang accurate! It also had a much smoother trigger and better ergonomics (at least, for MY hands) than my Glock. After shooting about 200 rounds through the range's rental P2KSK, I decided I prefer DA/SA to DAO and I've also grown weary of Glock's blocky grip. Glocks are awesome guns, I'll probably keep it forever. If we ever have a zombie apocalypse, a Glock is a great choice! I just want to try something a little more refined.

    The guy at the gunstore made an interesting analogy between Glock and H&K: He said "Glock is beer and H&K is a single malt whiskey".

    With this gun, my priorities are:

    1) PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE the first DA shot!;
    2) Find a good holster, belt, etc. (I ordered a leather IWB and a custom Alessi Bodyguard yesterday!);
    3) Find good NS that won't cost as much as another gun;
    4) Find affordable magazines.

    I also hope to learn a lot for everyone! Thanks for letting me in the club! :)

    ***I feel I must explain my desire to carry with a shoulder holster because I am aware of their drawbacks and how most people feel about them. I spend a lot of time in my car. Not long periods, per se, but I'm in and out of my car several dozen times a day. I also ride my motorcycle to work when I don't need to be dressed up. I have two bikes, a "standard" naked bike and an aggressively positioned cruiser. Neither bike would allow carry from 9:00-3:00 due to the riding position/fuel tank. Carrying anywhere from 7:00-5:00 or 4:00-3:00 would either print heavily or potentially creates a situation where I could lose my firearm without a level 2+ retention holster. With the armor on my motorcycle jacket, reaching to 6:00 is very difficult. Ankle holsters are out of the question for me and I won't "bag carry" because I don't want a firearm anywhere I can't feel it. So, regrettably a shoulder holster made the most sense for me. We'll see if it sticks or whether I hear enough "Tubbs and Crocket" jokes and get a man-ny pack. :\

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    Welcome to the forum ! I think you'll like your choice on the P2KSK . Keep us posted !
    Certified NRA RSO

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    I picked it up last week and qualified with it that same day.

    As most already know, this gun is a sweet shooter in 9mm.

    So far, I've put about 300 rounds through it without a hiccup. I would buy it again!

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    Welcome to HK and to the forum. I'm in NorCal and started shooting HKs in late 2014. Love them and practice often.
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