So After being in spain.....
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Thread: So After being in spain.....

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    Default So After being in spain.....

    I work base security at Rota, and I see the local police with uspc 9mm's, and the Spanish marines have G36K's which they don't take care of. The police seem to have a budget and their weapons look amazing. And I wish I could carry a usp at work instead of an M9 even if it was a 9mm.

    But the spanish marines here don't give a **** about their rifles. It is kind of Ironic for me that I am trying to build a G36c copy and I am surrounded by people that have them and don't take care of them. (rusted barrels and such) Damn shame......

    Anyone else see something similar?

    If it's an HK I probably want one.


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    It's not HK related but if you take a look at the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) website, they used to show photos of the way the M1 Garands and 1903 Springfields were packed up and stored after WWII. Essentially take a 5x5x5 crate and see how many guns you can pile in there, no packaging, no grease, just throw them in like matches.

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