Edit button ...where did it go?
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Thread: Edit button ...where did it go?

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    Default Edit button ...where did it go?

    I read through Mr. Maim's post below about having the same issue but there's no info about why the edit button is missing or if it can be repaired.
    I have WTS listing that I would like to edit but I can't. Any assistance would be most helpful.

    The link for the listing is here. I need to edit the first one.

    Here's what I'm seeing at the bottom of my WTS listing.
    Edit button ...where did it go?-edit-button.jpg

    My post yesterday to bump the listing shows an edit button?
    Edit button ...where did it go?-edit-button-2.jpg

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    I hope they didn't update their software to only allow edits for a certain amount of time. There are other sites that do this. You have to post again to revise your original text or pictures and a lot of it gets passed over because not everyone will scroll through the whole thread to get all of the info.

    Hmm, I just went back a month and a half and the edit option was there.
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    They have implemented the time limited editing of posts. My $.02 is it causes more headaches than it solves. I think @admin should consider allowing historical edits. We would be only one change in photo hosting policies to lock out virtually every photo in every sticky on the forum.
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    @HKaltwasser , @Nzfly ...thanks for the replies, looks like this might be the case.
    There are a few long running listing on here, I know tdog's thread has been up for quite some time. Not being able to update items, quantities or prices in the OP will be a headache for sure.
    @admin ...what's the follow up to this, start a new thread, add updates to the OP in later post that like HKaltwasser mentions ...and the possibility of them not being seen?
    I have a lot of time as I'm sure others do putting some of these listings together.
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    You can send me a PM about what you need edited along with the link to the post.

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    Does this mean we cannot lock our own sales threads any longer? We were asked to do this when an item sold. I don't have an active sale thread going, haven't in some time so I'm not sure I can even look.

    EDIT: Never mind, I answered my own question. Admin tools still has "lock thread" feature.
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