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Thread: Post count diminished??

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    Quote Originally Posted by edman99 View Post
    Still not fixed I see.

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    Add 3000 posts to my displayed post count.

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    I leave for a few years, and came back to a zero count. Not a real big deal.

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    @admin I am going to lock this thread. It is absolutely factual that this forum is missing a significant portion of posts. And while I am sure that the IT folks did do a cursory evaluation of the situation, their response does not square up with reality. I am certain that this could have been resolved by comparing a back up of the forum database from before "the troubles" to just after. I *know* that would have been a lot of heavy lifting. Now I am not even certain that such a back up still exists.

    I am acutely aware that for the owners of this site, the platform is the vehicle for generating revenue. For the users of this forum, it is the content that is front and center. The content has been compromised and diminished. And it looks like the owners are reluctant to spend more money/resources to recover the content. It's a business decision. We are not happy about it, but that is what it is.
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