My thread was moved or deleted. Why?
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Thread: My thread was moved or deleted. Why?

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    Default My thread was moved or deleted. Why?

    I began a thread about what I believe to be an orginal MSG90 carrier, and had questions regarding authenticity. I had one response in the affirmative, but had several other questions as well about the specifics that make it an authentic msg carrier.

    This thread appears to have been moved to a "price check orama" area which I cannot access and causes the thread to be of zero value to me. As far as I can tell, the thread is effectively deleted.

    I was not asking for prices. This regards the identification of a part. Do all such threads get moved to the nether? Should we be flagging all posts regarding hk parts as being in the wrong forum or needing deletion? I am seriously confused

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    I am not a new member here to dump parts. I have been here a decade. I have very specific pedigree, identification, and compatibility (possibly saftey) concerns as raised by another member, which I cannot see or respond to now.

    I would like a list of specific reasons my thread was moved, so as to avoid breaking these unwritten rules again.

    Is it because I was excited to find a rare part in the bottom of a box and wanted to show others? This is not selling or asking for prices.

    Is it because I left it in the plastic until I determined its pedigree; thus determining if the part would work or even be unsafe with the combination of parts collected for my build? (Hence the last question I asked within the thread, and cannot access now). This is not selling or asking for prices.

    Is it because I used the word "value". I do not want to destroy the value of something if it is truly a rare item. This is why I asked the question in the first place. This is not selling or asking for prices.

    Please advise.

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    You do not destroy an item by using it in your build—whether the part be genuine or aftermarket. If you’re doing a build, then take the part from the wrapper and begin your build. Keeping the part “new in-the-wrapper” makes identification nearly impossible and, frankly, is what a person would do when they’re contemplating selling the item. In one of your posts in that thread, you actually did appear to make reference to the “value” of the part and, from my perspective, the thread became a price check.

    As you point out, you are no rookie, and it is for that reason that the thread was preserved and merely moved, as opposed to being deleted. Rookie price checks generally get deleted. Your thread was moved to the price check section in Premium.
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    This quote from the original post might be interpreted as asking for the value.

    “I was so excited by my luck that I posted here in order to help me determine a course of action... to sell, or.....”

    And from the last post:

    “The pics are in the bag because it is sealed... and I'm hesitant to open a sealed part until I understand it's value”
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