Hello. Please help me with feedback
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Thread: Hello. Please help me with feedback

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    Default Hello. Please help me with feedback


    I made my first sale to another HK-PRO member and I guess I'm just confused about feedback after searching over an hour. Would

    someone be so kind as to tell/show me how to post feedback

    for the member that I sold to? I would be very grateful for the help. I really appreciate it and appreciate you. Many, many thanks.

    "Have a Blessed Week"

    Jim D. - BCD45

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    There is a link to the main iTrader page up top below the HKPro logo. Essentially... In order to leave feedback for another member you can go to the feedback tab in the user's profile and click the feedback submission link. You will be required to enter the URL of the Marketplace or Supporting Vendor post that provided the genesis for the feedback. Have the URL already copied to your clipboard before you start!

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    Hey Jim, yes sir I normally just click on the forum members username, then view profile, then you will see a tab that reads "feedback score" click on it and then it's pretty self explanatory after that. Definitely have the URL already copied that way your not having to go back and forth as straightgrain said. I will leave feedback for you as soon as firearm is received thanks once again.

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