Northeast Ohio Get Together 3.0?

Northeast Ohio Get Together 3.0?

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    Hey all,

    I just got back in town tonight and stopped in to Fin Feather and Fur in Ashland and ran into nat91683. Asked him if he wanted to get together for another shoot. I suggested K.C.'s again and I will be going this Saturday around noon-ish or 1 or so. I am also planning on going back next Saturday the 17th. So I am good with either Saturday if anyone happens to want to meet down there.

    I've been back to K.C.'s a few times this year already and the rates and facilities are the same. If anyone has any suggestions or other places in mind post 'em up.

    Anyways, hope to see a few fellow HK folks either day!

    P.S.: I also posted the same in the regional section of the Pro forums.
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