Navy Seals
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Thread: Navy Seals

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    Default Navy Seals

    Navy Seals-ns-mp5sd3-2.jpg
    Navy Seals-navyseals_mp5sd_05a.jpg
    Navy Seals-navyseals-mp5ka.jpg

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    Of course!!!


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    Such an awesome movie! I remember the first time I watched this, about the same time as Hot Shots. Classics!

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    It's what made me want an Mp5SD in the first place...

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    Total bullshit of many. Anyone who actually knows a combat-tested SEAL and knows what these men actually did, and do, knows what total horsescheit this movie it.

    Apologies to the easily offended.
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    "I was just insulting your heritage, and now we're having dinner."

    What years were those skinny cages on the SD's made?!

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    This movie came on Starz over the weekend...watched the whole thing...haven't seen it in forever! What a great movie...lots of HK porn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrlandoJones View Post
    Total bullshit of many. Anyone who actually knows a combat-tested SEAL and knows what these men actually did, and do, knows what total horsescheit this movie it....Apologies to the easily offended.
    And that's because it's Hollywood. Besides, that film was released way back in 1990, when the American public wasn't aware who SEALs were. Since then, SEAL movies/shows have evolved and are way much better in depicting all those wonderful guys (i.e., The Rock, Tears of the Sun, Act of Valor, Lone Survivor, Zero Dark Thirty, SIX, SEAL Team, etc.).
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    tears of the sun bored me. typical save the girl movie.
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    Nice chicken wing!

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