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Thread: John Wick 3: Parabellum

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    I liked the first one, I can't even remember the plot of the second one. His signature pistol is the p30L with a custom comp, which is pretty cool. I guess they dropped the compensator?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallew View Post
    Well, given that the first one was really good and the second one was BETTER that the first one. I suspect that the third one will be better still.

    Look at the Mission Impossible series of movies. The first one was pretty good, just a little cheesy. The second one was a little better (emphasis on LITTLE). The third one started getting better with better plot and writing. By IMF 4, they were on a roll and they have just gotten better with each new movie release. The last one was spectacular.

    This is spot on. Not many sequels are successful but I see this series taking the MI route if they pull this one off.

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    The other John Wick 3 thread has a cool find, the link to the trailer, you'll love the dog scene.

    Going way out on a limb so feel free to correct my guesses:

    At 1:03, some Walther PPQs?
    At 1:08, the aforementioned STI but modified Edge (?) (couldn't find an STI with a single window cutout so probably modded?); updated, was Taran Tactical STI Combat Master (credit: IMFDB)
    At 1:09, blurry MP5K folding stock on wall
    At 1:17 (flipping in the air) an AR with wrist brace stock and PCC (maybe a SIG MPX 9mm)
    At 1:19, MP5 with screw-on suppressor and reflex site (credit: IMFDB)
    At 1:33, don't hurt me but thats another Glock with a custom rib-edged RMR-type sight
    At 1:37, underwater, is that an HK Elite or Glock long slide or something else? Hints of TTI angles on a Glock.
    At 1:43, the HK P30L with no custom compensator on horseback,
    At 1:52, Sofia is racking (keep it clean) a tactical (threaded barrel version) of a single-stack mini SIG?
    At 2:01, the two mags held together with a "sock", maybe the same SIG MPX?
    At 2:07, Sofia has an RMR-like site on a Glock long slide (might be same as underwater one) and he's (at 2:11) using a Glock 17L

    So what we know is that New York's finest are missing a horse (he using a P30L which he may have dug up from the ruins of his house's basement and removed the comp), he has more hidden gold coins and wife photos hidden in a book, underwater shootout (thanks Criminal Minds scene analyzed by Hollywood Weapons), ninjas ride motorcycles (thanks Black Rain), Chiron arms him (the vault scene), Sofia helps him attack (possibly the high table) with her Malinois, and there's a new colour palette of blues, greens (thanks Matrix), and yellows.

    And everything I guessed could be totally wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bastardsonofelvis View Post
    I haven't seen the first two -- are they good enough to buy on Blu-ray?
    I love the first one the second one sucked bad I think soon as he went to the Block LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakelandman View Post
    I love the first one the second one sucked bad I think soon as he went to the Block LOL
    I agree, the second one was so bad I would never watch it again.
    I long for the days of stamped HKs.

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    I hope in 3 Parabellum, that they continue the storyline
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    IMFDB posted the John Wick 3 trailer guns to start their John Wick 3 cataloguing. For those not familiar, IMFDB is the Internet Movie Firearms Dababase that lists each weapon per movie.
    They confirmed the STI 2011 9mm but it is a Taran Tactical Combat Master version (hence the slide's single window cutout possibly). They also spotted a suppressed MP5 (not the MP5SD but an MP5 with screw-on suppressor and reflex site) on the masked guard being held as a shield by Wick at 1:19. Congrats to HKPRO, they posted 19 days earlier than the experts over in IMFDB and still have a few more identified but IMFDB will provide good info when the movie comes out. (If you're not familiar with IMFDB, highly recommend a few hours wondering on through, you can see all the movies HK firearms made an appearance.)
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    Movies like this end up costing me money I don’t have with all the gun porn.

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    John Wick 3: Parabellum-160a3824.jpg

    STI 2011 Combat Master Taran Tactical 9MM As seen in John Wick 3

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    I own both JW1 & JW2. Definitely will be picking up JW3 when it drops.
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