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    Anyone watch the 1st season? Near the end there are a bunch of HKs. HK45/C. It's rare to see good guys carry/use H&K

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    Any production utilizing firearms should have HK's!!!


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    Expected more when they break into the German arms storage depot but you hardly see any of the rifles again and heavier weapons again, later in the series he grabs his fathers hunting rifles.....That part was slightly disapointing, but the story line was decent. My biggest problem with many series is having to suspend my disbelief as much as I do when actors pretend to be prior service with extensive training yet are walking about like la di daa. The show did have evidence of some handlers coaching them because some scenes you could tell they had extensive training in how to handle their firearm but then 2 seconds later after the big car wreck, they check other vwhicle, their opponent is gone, they are in woods, brush, high grass, they holster up like everything is safe and that person wouldnt just loop around and eliminate them to avoid being tracked.

    One Other bother, lots of FA MP5s on a tactical assault, the TAC team is using walking fire across the open front lf a hotel at night where they have the initiative and the drop on her father. Hanna shoss up in the stolen BMW and runs down 2 of the TAC team disrupting the walking assault(AKA Stand and blaze with either no cover or only concealment) because no one knows to contol the objective before staeting the assault.

    That said, it does have a decent story line that will leave you guessing till the end so do not take it that its not worth watching but some things in it if you have actually trained or worked real life will make you cringe. But overall decent with good HK action at times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DDRH View Post
    It's rare to see good guys carry/use H&K
    HKs are used in plenty of movies. Check out imfdb.org.
    I think HK sub-machine guns are used in virtually every movie, because almost every law enforcement or military unit has them. HK Pistols are less common, with glocks being spammed everywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGG View Post
    Any production utilizing firearms should have HK's!!! [IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.hkpro.com/forum/smilies/wink.gif[/IMG]


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