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    Default ACE Folding Stock for PTR-91

    Hello there! I just picked up a PTR-91 in trade, and it has an ACE Folding Stock. I've seen pictures of them, but can't find anywhere online that sells them. I was curious if they stopped making them, or what. And if they did, was it due to some product issue? If anybody has any insight, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks, guys.

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    If your firearm already has an ACE folding stock, why are you wanting to find one online? Are you trying to price it for value?
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    Actually, I was quite fond of it, and was looking at possibly getting an extra with a pistol version to SBR in the future. Also, seeing reviews and whatnot from people who have purchased them would be valuable insight, since I've just obtained this one. Why do you ask? Are they expensive or uncommon or something? I recall having seen them for AKs when I go my last one, and don't think they were that costly or elusive.

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    Perhaps contact them? 888.736.7725

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    The ones I have seen start with backplate adapter, then hinge, then stock section.

    Do you have something else?

    Also, stormwerkz hinge is excellent

    Stock Folding Mechanism- Standard Type | StormWerkz
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    Ohhhh gotcha. I didn't know that it was pieced together. That would make sense. I just always saw the ones for AKs as a single unit sold together. I wonder if it was just people retailing a kit with the stock already included or something. I'm not entirely sure what kind mine is. There doesn't appear to be any kind of brand marking that's visible. I'll have to cruise through those links to see if I can match it up. This set up is smooth, quiet on latch, and has virtually no wobble on lockup, so I'd like to match this exact setup for my next one. I really appreciate the response. I kinda know where to go from here now. Thank you much.

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    So I actually just noticed there's a spot on the bottom engraved with ACE LTD. It doesn't look like the one I'm seeing on the website, so maybe I have an older version or something. I was just thinking about it, however, and may buy a second folding setup, and use this stock on the next one. This build I was really wanting something with a cheek riser on it, so I may just have to see what other stock options there are for this folding adapter. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I’m trying to figure out how to add a folding (for transport) adjustable (length of pull) MAGPUL CTR stock (with cheek riser add-on option for use with my Hensoldt scope) to my PTR-91.

    Here's what I think I've confirmed:

    HKParts sells their “AR15 to HK-90 series stock adapter for AR15 and M4 style stocks” (SKU: HKP-16550 @ ~$100.00) which facilitates adding a buffer tube directly to said stock adapter.

    I noticed on the Rainier Arms website, that they carry the SB Tactical BTFA Buffer Tube Folding Adapter and the Hera Arms Side Folding Unit (SFU) both of which work with MIL-SPEC and commercial buffer tubes according to emails I've received from SB Tactical and Hera Arms. Both are ~$110.00.

    I also received an email from Double Star / ACE confirming their HK-91 receiver block was discontinued about 14 years ago and the last one they had in stock was sold about three months ago.

    So I think I'm left with the option of attaching the HKParts HK-90 series stock adapter for AR15 and M4 style stocks/braces to the receiver, attach to the stock adapter either the SB Tactical BTFA or the Hera Arms SFU (both of which allow left or right side folding); attach a MIL-Spec buffer tube to the BTFA or SFU and attach the MAGPUL CTR stock to the buffer tube to give me adjustment to the LOP and cheek weld height for using the Hensoldt scope.

    Have any of you tried this combination or have thoughts and/or experience with the listed the components?

    The only other possible variable is I was planning to have Bill Springfield install one of his heavy duty buffers assuming it will work with planned the stock combination.

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