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Thread: Building an HK53 pistol

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    Building an HK53 pistol-20171218_210500.jpg

    So far this is were I'm at. I still need to clean up the cocking tube a little more, but it's still salvageable. I have no illusions on how clean this is going to end, but it will work and give me good practice for my next build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoScoE30 View Post
    Wow you really told jik294. You fit the HK snob perfectly. Leave the guy alone, any competent fabricator can build an HK.
    Actually no. My roller locked guns were built by JLD, & Vector in the early days, so they are perfect. It's well known the whole C-93 project was crap. I mean if Century scraps their own gun, vs selling it, what does that tell you? My boss still has 2 in his LGS he can not sell. I want to buy one, but they are so out of spec, I wouldn't pay $100 for either gun. While it would be a great learning experience for the OP, the only worthwhile parts in his kit is the BCG. And that's if Century didn't grind on them like they did on the Cetme. I wish him luck, but in the end, I wouldn't want to have that gun near my face when it's fired the first time. And yes, any competent fabricator CAN build a HK, but using parts that Century screwed up, & rejected? Anyone recognize the term GIGO? GARY
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