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Thread: PTR 9mm MP5 Review Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atlantic View Post
    Where are all of these issues cropping up with the ETS MP5 magazines ? Would like to see what others are saying as we have tested these & had great results thus far in both semi and full auto .If you shop around the average price is around $29.00 - $33.00 dollars so priced in line with POF & KCI mags.

    Post #35, 36.

    Post 42

    Post 53

    Post 65

    Post 130

    Post 140, ETS acknowledges problems, offers to make it right.

    Post 153, mags purchased after the problem was discovered still failed. Old inventory?

    Post 170, with replacement mags.

    Post 24

    Here's a few just on this forum I found with a quick search. If one reads carefully he can see ETS offers to replace any problem mags and those replacements, for the most part, seem to work much better than the first batch. Good on ETS, credit where credit is due.
    Also, if one reads carefully, there are those out there who have had zero issues with the ETS MP5 mags. Good for them.

    For the price I maintain the point of view that there is no need for me to invest in ETS mags, especially with the initial problems and the very short time of positive reports since the correction of the internal mag dimensions. If in a few years people are glowing over their years old ETS MP5 mags that have worked perfectly and not worn out to the point of not staying in the gun or broken feed lips off, and POF and HK mags become unobtainium, I might then buy a few ETS MP5 mags. Right now $2 difference in price doesn't make sense for a mag that "probably" will work vs one that I know will work, and still be working in ten or more years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hkshooterusp View Post
    One hell of a write up. Thanks for this, great info.

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    HKShooter ,thank you for the info ! The mags we are testing are new production and all of our testing has been positive . They fed steel cased Wolf ammo in full auto with no issues.
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    I picked up a new PTR 9KT and just finished the break in 200 round period. Have to say I am impressed with quality and finish on this pistol. I used the 2 supplied PTR mags and one ETS mag. I did experience a few FTF with the ETS mag, but that may have been due to the break in period. I will get to the range to test another 200 rounds or so soon. Now if I could just save up enough to pick up the 9CT to set up as an Mp5SD. Been wanting an excuse to file the paperwork for a can, and nothing screams “give me a suppressor!” quite like an MP5

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