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Thread: Full Auto MP5 .22lr

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoss710 View Post
    So what your thinking is something that runs off a registered sear lower ? that's how new caliber guns are able to be made full auto , If so it can be done. But as many have found .22 is 1 of the hardest caliber guns to make a reliable full auto out of. Ammo variants, dirt, magazines, anti bounce bolts are all added issues. I have a transferable 10/22 and a American 180. Unless you have a John Norrell 10/22 , you may not understand not many of the conversions worked other than his. Its would be a expensive challenge for sure.
    I have a Ceiner kit for my AC556K... runs perfectly with the correct ammo.

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    Ghilliebear (PCS) made a nice rig for me a couple of years ago. It's a 51K with a cut-down .22lr conversion. In fact, it is a dedicated .22lr and even marked as such - has some other neat markings as well. (I know, no pix so it must not exist).

    I have about 8 HK magazines, which are the only ones that work well in full-auto. I also have one of the unicorn drum adaptors but I have yet to use it.

    I had waited for years for someone to put out a host and finally went this route though I had not ruled out chopping up one of my other .22 conversions and having a cut-down 33/93 platform in hopes of using existing BDM .22lr AR magazines. (The G3 .22lr conversion is so much cheaper)

    I have definitely spent ton's of time perfecting it's functioning and the most current lingering issue is in the feeding of rounds from a fully loaded magazine (20). It will run all day with 17 or 18 loaded but 20 seems to be a recurring issue so my tinkering is now focused on the magazine springs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CircleSH View Post
    With all of the great HK smiths & clone manufacturers out there today, why hasn’t anyone come out with a dedicated .22lr build on the MP5 platform? I’m not talking about a conversion kit that’s got spotty performance or a Umarex type clone, but a real MP5 in .22lr that uses real HK trigger packs (and my SEAR!).
    I have wanted this for decades, but nobody will make it.

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    My SOT has/had a full auto GSG mp5 in 22lr cut down with a can runs well ..But yeah a conversion kit would be good ...Anyone know if the G3,mp5 22lr kits the german army make run in full auto?

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