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Thread: I'm actually excited I just broke my ejector on my MP5K PDW Clone...

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    I really appreciate your help. My original plan was to go home check everything per your advice and swap the trigger pack from my PTR into the CA89 trigger housing after changing the hammer spring. I just said f***-it, and bought an original german MP5K SEF "Navy Style" Clipped & Pinned trigger housing and German SEF trigger pack from HK parts. I spent little over $300, but it's worth it to me to get this gun working and finally have piece of mind. If the 100 degree locking bar combined with this this lower doesn't fix the gun I'll be surprised, but then I can send it to an HK armorer with confidence that fixing the issue is beyond me. I still have to watch for the rounds hitting the ejection port, but the RCM bolt head, RCM ejector and HK ejector spring are all either new or relatively new so I really hope that's my the source of problem. Kind of wish I could stabilize the weapon and film with a slow motion camera how it functions, but I don't have that kind of equipment or know anyone who does... Anyhow I'll do a follow up post in a few months when I get done with this school and test everything out. Thanks again!

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    I was reading this thread the other day just out of interest in things MP5 as I have a real one and four nice clones all outfitted with the best in German technology.
    I've had one gun that has had weird and erratic feeding/double stacking/cases dribbling/cases getting stuck. Its one of IGF Jayson's guns from way before the current implosion and has always run fine... I got fixated on ammunition (round nose vs. truncated), running suppressed or not, and straight vs. curved German HK mags. KCI and POF's have always worked fine for me too.
    So gun goes into single shot, jam, clear single shot mode and I'm just lost until I take the carrier/bolt assembly out and the extractor fall on the bench with one half of the extractor spring. Replaced it with a new one and that's all it was.
    Sometimes it is just the simple, already well known and documented fix. I'm ordering 10 springs today and replacing all of my old ones and will have a few as spares in each gun bag.
    A lot of you alluded to this but it just didn't connect until I actually saw the pieces on the bench... I would have felt pretty stupid if I had the gun in my hands when the living dead attacked...

    George from Alaska

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