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Thread: Magpul MP5 furniture and Palmetto MP5 RS at the NRA show

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    I found some pictures of the prototype, and it's a twofer since you can also see Mappuls trigger housing and forearm furniture.

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    Trigger housing looks okay, but the rest of that is just awful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhouston8 View Post
    "The guy behind the counter didn't seem to know a whole lot about it, other than yes, it was a reverse stretch, and yes, they were working on standard and RS variants. But he indicated they had been having problems getting them to run well and had no idea what I was talking about when I asked if it was sear ready"

    Well...thanks for the info. I'll not be getting one to add to my stable for quite a while. think they'd have someone hk knowledgeable there alongside their new beta surely they must know how info rich (im being nice) the standard HK customer is.

    And what's the freaking deal with companies entering the clone market and the first gun they bring to market is a reverse stretch? Why not just straight up MP5 pistol format for an entry...and no, please dont sex it up. Just make it true to original form. Sex it up later with whatever "improvements" you feel.
    It's not just PSA, it's most companies. 99% of the time the people they send to these trade shows are just a face, nothing more. They'd rather hire someone fresh out of college with a marketing degree than someone who actually knows what the hell they're doing. That's why I rarely attend these shows. If I can walk up to any booth and explain a product better than the employee can then what's the point? I'd be embarrassed if I had an employee representing my company who displayed such a lack of knowledge as these folks. And to be clear I said most, not all. There are companies who send good people to represent them but it's certainly a minority. Rant over.
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