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Thread: disappointing day

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    Default disappointing day

    Today was supposed to be the day I became an owner of my first roller delayed firearm. No, it wasn't an HK MP5, but I had ordered a PTR 9KT. I got tired of waiting for a MP5 at a decent price and decided to go with the PTR. An HK will always be number one, but with some of the recent changes to the MP5 (no threaded barrel, no magazine paddle, and now no easy way to install the paddle kit, plus several hundred dollars more money), I decided to give the PTR a try. Shipping was quick, the price was great, but at the last minute something happened that put a stop to my plans. I went to the FFL to pick it up earlier today, and when they put the gun case on the counter top at first it didn't register, but a few seconds later it hit me that the case was noticeable longer than I though it would be. I had seen the case the 9KT comes shipped in, but this one looked more rifle sized.

    Opening it up I could see that somehow the gun shop had shipped a PTR 111 K3P in .308 pistol instead of the 9KT that I ordered. The packing slip clearly shows PTR 9KT pistol 9mm, but what was inside the case was definitely something different. So now I have to go through the trouble of contacting the gun shop (closed on Saturday) and arrange for a RMA to ship the pistol back to the gun shop and hopefully reorder the 9KT. This was supposed to be the last 9KT listed as in stock, so unless it was an inventory screw up, it looks like they are now out of stock and it might be a long wait to get a replacement.

    I have to admit that the K3P looked well put together. All the welds were straight and looked great, the fit and finish was first rate, so I did get a first hand chance to check out PTR quality, but a .308 pistol I do not need. Sometimes the best laid plans just don't work out.

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    sorry to hear that. Those things happen. Soon enough, you will be sending rounds down range and brass flying. ....... That dang 'ol Murphy !!! Let us know how you like it when it comes in.

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    That stinks. You should have kept the K3P to keep you company until you get the 9KT.
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    Seems like someone would have caught that while logging out the serial number.

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    Default disappointing day

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigedge View Post
    Seems like someone would have caught that while logging out the serial number.
    Yeah. The number of FFLs that must go strictly by what’s marked on the box is terrifying.

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    At least you didn't take possession of it. The number of people who take firearms home without thoroughly inspecting them is also terrifying.

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    As long as you didn’t signed the BATF background/transfer form 4473, your local FFL dealer can send it back and hopefully ship the correct firearm.

    I always tell people to ALWAYS physically inspect the firearm before completing and signing the BATF form 4473.

    Did you get your 9KT from Atlantic Firearms?
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    I hate to hear that! Happened to me once. Ordered a SIG 229 E2 in 9mm. What was delivered was a 226 E2 in .40! Lol. Hopefully you get squared away quickly.
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    Sorry to hear about the mishap!!!


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    That's a bummer, but should be an easy remedy.
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