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Thread: Problems with PTR-9C I got today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chopstix Kid View Post
    Shoot us a message via our website. We are doing third-party repair is now.

    I think it is starting to loosen up after taking it off and putting it back on repeatedly. But if I have any more trouble I will consider sending it off to you guys. Thanks a bunch Joe for the offer.

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    One tip I went with was using grease in the brace instead of CLP or the oil of your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John_Mcclane View Post
    I just got my PTR-9C today and already I have problems. Everything fits way too tight. The push pins are so tight you cannot remove them without using a punch and mallet and same with putting them back in. You should be able to remove or put them back in with just you fingers. The butt cap is so tight you have to either attach a sling and pull it off that way or put something up against it and tap that with a mallet to pop the end cap off. The lower is also tight and you have to hit at it with your hand to knock it loose. I tried putting a POF contoured SEF lower on it and it didn't want to fit. I also tried to put a SB Tactical Arm Brace on it and it didn't want to fit on it and I had to hit it hard on the floor to get it on which I regretted because it was near impossible to get off then. The things I mentioned all had oil on them too and still too tight. Anybody else on here have these problems with there PTR-9C/CT or other MP5 clone? If so what can I do to fix these problems with everything being so damn tight?! Should I take it to a local gun smith or send it back to PTR? I have a C93 I got last year and don't have these problems save for the POF lower. Any info would be more than appreciated. I was having a hell of a good day and until I had all these problems. I was so happy to get the PTR-9C and it turned out to be bitter sweet.

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    I have a similar problem with the PTR CT I made a thread of those issues here

    I too was disappointed with how tight the rear take down pin was to remove in my PTR 601. I had to use hard swings with a plastic mallet to get the pin in and out, harder to installed the SB Brace. As mentioned in my thread the SB brace was on so tight that it was causing A pinching effect on the the back frame of the gun. That cause the bolt group to hang up after being fired. In other words the bolt wouldn't return forward after firing. I took it to a gun shop who called PTR who gave a remedy. So far I haven't gotten it back yet. I hope that corrects the problem. Regardless because of that, I am still disappointed in PTR. I understand SB Brace is an after market accessory , but they should have known about that damn take down pin being ridiculously difficult to remove.
    I own an HK SP5sk and the difference between the PTR 601 really shows.
    I would be reluctant to buy another PTR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skullbox View Post
    Like I always said, better too tight than too loose...
    Gun parts, etc.!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ecsuser View Post
    Um, circling back and asking again - cut and thread my MKE AT94P?
    Just saw your message. Our threading and crowning tooling needs replacing. Not sure if we're going to do that just yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John_Mcclane View Post
    Yeah I guess it just must be the way those braces are made then with you saying it did that with your Zenith as well. I think what I am just going to do in regards to the arm brace is I am going to take it to the gunsmith at the gun store I buy from and just have him file down the inside of the brace to get it to fit more loose. It even says in the manual that comes with the brace that it might need a gunsmith to be installed. I myself rather have it be loose than too tight. Not like I am going to use the brace without a pin holding it on. Since it was so tight I couldn't even get it all the way on. Hopefully when I SBR it when I get a Tax Stamp for it that A2 and A3 stocks I will use on it will not be so tight that they have to be pounded on. Thanks a bunch guys for the responses.

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    It is illegal to use a pin or even red loctite on a brace. Just a fair warning. My new PTR GI receiver is so out of spec for a claw that I haven't even fired it yet out of disgust, and it will be the last thing I ever buy from PTR, with what passed for "customer service" when I e-mailed them
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