Anybody bought a ZR5 very recently? Mag Wobble?
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Thread: Anybody bought a ZR5 very recently? Mag Wobble?

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    Default Anybody bought a ZR5 very recently? Mag Wobble?

    Just wondering. Mine has it, bought about 3 months ago. But doesn’t seem to affect function. Still, I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t bug me a little. I was thinking of buying another one with no brace and the plastic HG and I’m curious to know if the wobble issue is still a thing. 🙂

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    3 months ago was the bad batch I believe, I've read that they're since doing QC stateside now though

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    Pretty common. Paint flaking has been widely reported as well

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    Got mine this week. Mag wobble is very slight, no issue for me. Paint on the other hand....Multiple chips and a spotchy/light application on the left side of my receiver. Sending it back for warranty tomorrow. Mechanically awesome and shoots great though.

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