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Thread: Reccomendation for non - cowitness red dot

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    How does the additional riser for the Romeo 5 work at 100 yards?

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    I have owned 3 decent red dots. EOTech, Aimpoint PRO, and Aimpoint T2.
    The EOTech has the nice 65 mil circle around a 1 mil dot. It's the reticle I like best, because the dot covers very little of the target, and the circle is very useful for quickly finding the dot zone and in cases where hold over is necessary.
    The PRO had , I thought, way too much metal and knobs surrounding the view window. That blocked a lot of down range landscape. I sold it.
    The T2 is nice and small, has a plenty bright and NV capable 2mil dot which permits very careful aiming. That's on my Mk23 now. I like it best overall but wish there were reticle options (with circle).
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    I just put a C-More RTS on mine and I think it's pretty perfect. The rear sight will be totally obscured because of the rail and optic, obviously, but the sight itself clears the front hood although you could lower one third it if you want.

    I also had an Aimpoint CompM2 on it and while functional and completely co-witnessless, I kind of prefer the smaller C-More because it's slightly quicker to bring to bear and less of your FOV is obscured.

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