Palmetto State PSA5 at 2020 Shot Show
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Thread: Palmetto State PSA5 at 2020 Shot Show

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    Default Palmetto State PSA5 at 2020 Shot Show

    PSA is letting out a little more information on their long awaited MP5 clone, the PSA5. They talk about the new team (Lead Star Arms) working on the platform and say that it's due sometime this year at around $1200. Looks promising, but it sure is taking a long time. They say it should be out sometime this year but since this is only January, that leaves an awful lot of time between now and the end of the year. Starts at about the 5:35 mark.

    One plus is that they said they will be coming out with their own magazines for the MP5. If they do as well as they did with the CZ Scorpion design magazines, there should be another source for a quality, but economical magazine for the MP5 platform.
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    No go for me. I don’t want a rail on a MP5 type weapon. With them, & PTR putting rails on these guns, they are both not for me. Looks like it will be a POF. GARY
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    Appears to be wearing the new Magpul trigger housing and handguard.

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    At the 5:00 mark he mentions they're partnering with CMC on an aftermarket trigger. That would be really significant for roller lock guns in general.

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    All junk!!!


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    This might be a viable alternative for those of us not "to the manor born".

    That being said, I've just sent my Gideon Shadow back to Omega for the second time in three months...
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    I feel dumber for having watched that video. I wouldn't let that guy design my toilet paper holder.

    The "high engineering firm" they have hired to clone a 60 year old design has a resume of "4 world championships, 2 world records, and a bunch of other titles" and they say it's going to be a "legitimate gun."

    I've met cooks at Mcdonalds that inspire more confidence than that "engineer."

    This is going to be a hot piece of garbage if they ever release it. Every year they bring this gun out and say it will be released that year, and every year it's not ready. That says something for a company like PSA that doesn't mind releasing half baked products products like the PSA AK.

    As for the CMC trigger, I can't see a good outcome. The goal of this gun is to make this gun as cheaply as possible while still surviving the warranty period. That's generally not compatible with innovation.
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    So much heresy! If someone did this to a German gun I would be a little sick to my stomach, BUT all bets are off when it comes to clones. Go ahead and pile on the rails, magpul and brace! Could make a fun host if it runs...

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    On another video I saw of PSA interview they indicated a longer barrel and non welded rail could/would be options later. None of the videos I saw would they commit to a price, just saying considerably less than the competition.

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    As awesome as that firm claims to be, they don't understand how the sighting system on roller lock guns works, and why their 'adjustable front sight' is sh!t.
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