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    Default Special weapons 52

    Does anyone know if these are good, bad etc?? i have never heard of them before today, and someone wants to trade me one for my Korean daewoo dr200, and the little bit that i have been able to find on them doesnt tell me much. it seems like a cool HK clone but i have no idea. its chambered in 7.62x39 and takes ak mags, not sure if i can swap the stock with a retractable one or not. just looking for any opinions or thoughts on the sw-52. thanks in advance.
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    Whats the daewoo worth?

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    not sure, i have a rough idea but i was trying to get like ptrs and higher end aks for it

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    I would honestly hold on to that daewoo. a PTR or the AKs out now arent worth it. definitely not a special weapons build lol. Trade it for a factory HK? yeah maybe

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    The Daewoo seems to sell for a grand or eleven-hundred, I suppose the SW52 is probably not too far below that if it’s really nice, maybe $800?

    I wouldn’t touch that SW unless it was $500 or $600 max, even then I would be cautious. If you have problems with it it’s going to be a tough and probably expensive fix. There are very few of them out there, probably for a reason.

    The SW will be very hard to move down the road I suspect.

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    Agreed Deawoo is a true pre-89 gun and there are much better options for 7.62x39 IMHO.

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    Keep the Daewoo all day long. No way I would do that deal!

    A factory built pre-89 gun that they no longer import?

    Or a gun built in Todds garage that may or may not run, and the "life-time warranty" is worth $0 dollars?

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    Where is that for sale? I’m interested
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    Get the PTR 32 in either full size or 52 size, they don't take steel ak mags but they work great with Magpul ak mags.
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