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    I have a new production Surefire 628 MP5 Handguard. I have read that some of the older style 3 lug flash hiders will touch the light body. The newer production HK flash hiders have a redesigned latch so that it's slimmer and alleviates the issue. B&T makes an A2 style flash hider (with no porting on the bottom) but I have read that it is too thick and will also touch the light body. This in theory would eliminate blast and carbon buildup on the light.

    Does anyone make a 3 lug flash hider that doesn't have the 6 o'clock port but will also clear a 628 handguard?

    There's a 3 lug flash hider missing the bottom port shown in this video but the make or model isn't mentioned so I don't know if it's B&T or HK, etc.


    I haven't been able to find any definitive info and all the HK style flash hiders online look exactly the same in pictures.
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