Issues with Franklin Binary screws
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Thread: Issues with Franklin Binary screws

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    Default Issues with Franklin Binary screws

    I'm running the BFSIII in my Z5P and am having major issues with the screws. I installed it in it's own seperate SEF housing and the first set of screws stripped using the Allen wrench provided when I went to remove the trigger for cleaning where I'm running it suppressed. I ordered 2 new screws from Franklin Armory, 1 went in fine and the 2nd only made it halfway into the safety selector before stripping again. I'm using the safety selelector that came with it. Are they usimg really cheap metal for the screws? Anyone else whose had this issue been able to fix it?

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    I haven’t totally stripped mine, but they are compromised to the point I won’t disassemble the trigger pack for fear of it happening. Just cleaned it tonight and made the conscious choice to just wipe it down without disassembly.
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    Just a big warning to everyone, Franklin products are not very well made and are often gimmicky. I understand the appeal of their binary trigger though, it's definitely fun. But for 400 dollars it had better be well made. Soft screws are the worst.
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    I own 4 of the Franklin’s. 2 for AR’s two for HK. The screws for the selectors are definitely soft and strip easily. I shoot my K suppressed and for cleaning I use q-tips and brushes, I don’t remove the pack. Beyond that, all 4 of mine have been flawless for 1000’s of rounds.

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    I went to swap my ejector over last night from a US made pack and the ejector was too fat to fit without filing. I just set it aside for now and I will have to order a new ejector. I see RTG is only advertising POF new made ones at the moment.

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