Build Hk416 with BRN-4
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Thread: Build Hk416 with BRN-4

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    Default Build Hk416 with BRN-4

    Trying to assemble my first HK using a brn-4 lower. I just need helps picking out the correct parts.

    BRN-4 Lower - 300

    Buffer retaining pin -10

    Aero LPK ( Can I buy a geisselle AR-15 trigger or does it have to be a HK416 trigger? It will be a MR556 Upper)

    SBA4 Tactical Brace - 100

    HK Grip - 60

    POF ambi selector - 30

    HK Buffer spring - 30

    HK recoil Buffer - 80

    Am I missing anything or would thise be all that I need to complete the HK416 lower? its my first build too.

    If I am missing something or want to include something into the build, Can you please post the links to where I can purchase the parts or the best area! Thanks !

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    There are certain triggers that work with the firing pin safety. Check out this thread here.

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