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    I own a Pakistan Ordinance Factory made G3A3 chambering .308 win which is basically developed for hunting and sporting for civilians. The rifle barrel is around more than 20 inches while the standard g3A3 barrel length is approx 17 inches. I wanted to inquire that if i get the barrel shortened from the factory that manufactured the rifle, will the shortening of the barrel to 17 inches or less effective the weapon and will it cause the rifle to malfunction?
    Rifle specifications:

    7.62mm x 51 NATO 0.308 win
    5 round, box magazine
    Type of Fire
    Semi automatic
    Muzzle Velocity
    770-790 m/s
    Muzzle energy
    3000 NM

    Rotary rear sight with 4 adjustments 100m 'V' sight and 200, 300 & 400m aperture sights, adjustable for windage and elevation.
    Fixed hooded post front sight
    Length of standard weapons
    1096 mm.
    Barrel length:
    521 mm.
    Barrel grooves
    4 grooves right hand twist 305 + 10 mm lead
    Effective Range

    I will be very thankful for your learned and technical reply against my concerns about the performance of the rifle after shortening the barrel.

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    I looked through the POF catalouge labeled Infantory_Weapons.pdf and I assume the gun in the catalog labeled .308 Win Sporter is the gun you have.

    I don't think the barrel length will change the action function much if any although I'm no expert on that.

    Changing the barrel length will change a few things with regards to the ballistics.
    Muzzle velocity will probably change ~20-25 FPS/inch or 60-75 FPS overall.
    Depending on how the barrel length is changed and how good the job is done there may be other concerns. One might assume the factory would know what they are doing and would recrown the muzzle correctly if they shortened the barrel or if they swap the barrel would reassemble the rifle correctly, that the front sight would still align correctly. However, modifications are not always done correctly even when the manufacturer is doing the modification. I have NO knowledge of POF's capability or reputation concerning such mods. Assuming there is no difference in the quality of the barrel before and after (regardless of how they go about it) there will still be some consequences.

    Harmonics are likely to change -> favored loads might not be as accurate. You may need to reevaluate ammo for accuracy.
    The change in velocity may reduce maximum effective range slightly. You may need to rework your range and drop tables. Especially true if your ammo choice changes.
    The balance of the gun will change slightly so it may feel different.

    My advice might be IF it isn't broken why 'fix' it and risk it becoming less than it is now?

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    Since it’s a delayed blowback system, it’s isn’t sensitive to barrel lengths like gas operated guns can be.
    Do you even HK, Bro?

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    What country are you in?

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    Welcome to the site!!!


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