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Thread: Latest and Greatest SOF HK416 handguard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dms16 View Post
    Well the "latest" is the Geissele Mk15 rail that debuted yesterday...and most aren't impressed with the look...but it is indeed the "latest"

    "Greatest" a matter of opinion. If expense is an indicator, legacy Geissele SMR's (due to availability) and the Lancer CF are the highest priced on the market at current.

    If you want a SEAL clone, pretty much one of 3 things:
    - OEM quadrail...cause it's what came on the gun
    - Geissele SMR
    - Remington RAHG

    If it helps, Geissele rails are probably at their highest market value since their release; and Remington RAHG's are at their lowest.
    Well said and pretty accurate, I just installed a Geissele SMR and I'm impressed with it, not so much with the "new" design, I'm thinking "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality.
    I have a RAHG inbound, and this is the right time to buy one IMO.
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    In practical application I think the DD rail was infinitely more successful than the RAHG (which seems to have been brilliantly marketed by Remington Defense to the civilian consumer).

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