PTR 32P bore diameter?
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Thread: PTR 32P bore diameter?

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    Default PTR 32P bore diameter?

    Hey all,

    I am helping someone load for their PTR 32P late model, SC built (7.62xCommunist, 8.5" 1/10 barrel, G3/91 rear end, proprietary internals), and would like to use some .308 diameter projectiles for a wide variety of reasons; mostly that they are in my possession currently.
    Can someone chime in and confirm .308 diameter to be a good choice for this barrel?

    I was trying to find a thread I recall where someone had loaded a lot and done a good amount of (impressive) accuracy testing with a PTR 32 series--though I believe it was a PTR 32K.

    Thanks for any help or thoughts you may have on this topic.

    Disclaimers: I am aware manuals say not to use handloads. I have been handloading for a very long time.

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    Well, I don't see why not....

    PTR 32P bore diameter?-poi7sst.jpg
    PTR 32P bore diameter?-36zjfg5.jpg
    PTR 32P bore diameter?-w0hio5w.jpg
    PTR 32P bore diameter?-81qwoug.jpg
    PTR 32P bore diameter?-ehiimmf.jpg

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    It does appear from the photos that you might be ok, however you might want to slug the bore and measure to check the land and groove diameters and compare to the bullets you have on hand.

    From the U.S. specs
    Typically .308 slugs are shot out of a .300 bore with .308 grooves. The bullets are spec .3060-.3090
    SAAMI spec for a 7.62x39 is a .300 bore with a .3010 groove for a bullet that is .3090-.3110 CIP might be a tad different.

    So if your bullets are on the small side of the acceptable diameter and the barrel in question isn't you might get some gas blow by instead of a tight gas seal as the bullet goes down the barrel.

    I have a similar thought as I was given a load of 125 grain Sierra bullets in .308 designed for the Blackout. About the only thing I have that they might be useful in are a 7.62x39 AR and a 7.62x39 AK neither of which I have gotten around to slugging to see if they are a match for the .308 bullets in question. I want to run at least two slug checks in them. One just forward of the chamber throat and the other out the muzzle.

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