HK93 build / Cycling problem - Please help!
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Thread: HK93 build / Cycling problem - Please help!

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    Cool HK93 build / Cycling problem - Please help!

    HK93 build - Specs: HK93 flat, rolled to perfection, welded perfectly, headspaced out, even a nice cerakote finish. HK93 parts kit from APEX with a new barrel.
    Buffered carrier with an unbuffered A2 stock with the metal plate in the back. Recoil rod assembly from RTG parts.

    Checking rifle without buttstock - will unlock, cock and cycle perfectly. All looking good.

    Problem - When I install the buttstock and go to cock the rifle, it will not cock all the way back - not far enough to strip a round from the magazine and not far enough to lock it back in the notch.

    Anyone of you pros have any help for a poor builder?

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    I'll start off with this, when the stock is placed on the rifle the only two things come to mind that could interfere with bolt carrier movement; those would be the recoil spring/rod and the buffer plunger on the bolt carrier.

    Try and eliminate one of those suspect items and see what happens. Easiest would be the recoil assembly. Take that out and see if you get any further travel on the carrier.
    Also, find a hard surface rest the plunger on said hard surface and push down on the carrier and see if you can push the plunger into the carrier. You'll have to push hard as the spring is pretty stout.

    The buffer on the carrier is not normally compressed when you cock the rifle so I doubt if its that, but just a place to look.

    Good luck solving your problem.

    Pictures and range report on your rifle once you do.


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    Is the stock pinching the receiver together when you install it? I've had this happen on almost every receiver flat, and it just takes some fitting. I bought one of the RTG mandrels, and it has helped quite a bit; however, I still have to do a little fitting here and there on every bent flat so that the stock fits and the front of the rails are even with the trunnion lugs.

    You could mark the rear of the bolt carrier with marking fluid or a magic marker and see if there are wear spots.

    One other thing that I can think of is that it might just be that the Cerakote is causing some interference if it coated the inside of the receiver. I used Brownells teflon paint years ago on my first G3 build and it caused all kinds of problems with cycling until the bolt carrier knocked some of it off with use. I stopped painting the inside of the receivers after that affair.
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    A little curious, you mentioned without the stock it locks, cocks.....did you have the backplate and lower trigger group on when you did this test?

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