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Thread: Did Mr. Getz mark his builds in anyway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MW2152 View Post
    It isn't! I agree! He built some out and those are marked by him as such, he also sold SW made barreled uppers. I get it.
    I was not casting aspersions. THIS ^^^^^ is exactly what I was saying. The thing is, which ones are worth more?

    I personally believe if DJGetz worked on them and marked them as such, they are worth a LOT MORE than the ones that he did not work on.

    He may have sold them, passing them along, but if it was TB SW who was the manufacturer and marked as such, I see these as worth 'less' than a true DJGetz marked/manufactured firearm.

    That's just my opinion.

    I could be wrong. And it would not be the first time or the last.
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    Who would have thunk that we'd reach the point of arguing about the provenance of SW vs DJ Getz SW clones and asking for signed receipts from DJ himself

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    I believe the discussion is about the validity of the auction on GB.

    The seller is saying that a SW barred upper bought through DJ is a DJ built firearm.

    Is a SW barreled upper with who knows what other parts built by who knows, worth the same as a DJ built firearm?

    It’s up to you if you bid on the auction.
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    I ended up buying one of the ones this seller had (there were two). They are labeled Special Weapons, SW89k. I also own a DJGetz DF89 (full size). I had an SB tactical k pistol brace and put on it for now. I haven't had an opportunity to fully tear down the SW89k, and I'm certainly no authority on either. I'll admit that I do feel a tinge mislead by the Gun broker Ad's mention of DJ Getz as it appears he simply brokered the sale of these, but it does appear to be a fine firearm. If I remember to do it, I'll post a range report when I have the chance to shoot it.

    I didn't find this thread until after the fact, and I appreciate the info here from both the seller and the sleuths here @ HKPro. Based on my interaction with DJ Getz, I do believe he would have only re-sold quality products, and am glad to know he at least gave these a once over.

    Did Mr. Getz mark his builds in anyway?-img_20200611_153004.jpg
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