Mag issue after changing to SEF housing
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Thread: Mag issue after changing to SEF housing

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    Default Mag issue after changing to SEF housing

    I'm a little confused on something I've run into.
    I've got multiple KCI (gen2) and POF mags and have never had an issue with them when using my factory PTR housing.

    When I changed to a SEF housing (it took some work to fit, but seems to fit perfectly now), I've got 2 KCI mags that will "unlock" when shooting.
    They don't completely fall out, but slip just enough to where they're not "locked in" (I can pull the mag out by hand), which obviously means it won't feed the next round until I re-seat it.

    I can't see why the housing change would have any effect on the mag not staying locked in, but it seems like a strange coincidence that it just started happening when I changed the housing and it only happens to two particular mags.

    I haven't tried switching back to the original housing yet to see if they still work properly, but I will.
    (I didn't have the original housing with me when I went to shoot it last.)

    Since I'm new to this platform, I was just curious if anyone had experienced something similar and what I might should be looking for as far as the cause of the issue.

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    Nope...should be totally unrelated. Switch it back and see if it’s just the mags.

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    Yep, what Shattered Mind says. I switched my PTR grip housing to a HK SEF clipped & pinned housing and no problems at all, everything dropped in and fit perfectly. Switch your SEF back to the PTR housing and test the mags again it sounds like the mags to me.

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    Well, we'll just have to chalk it up to an unsolved mystery because I'm done messing with it. Marked the bad mags and put them in the top of the closet just in case I ever switch back to the original housing.

    Just for the final info on what I found because it's so odd...
    (Gun is a PTR 9CT with clipped and pinned SEF lower housing using the factory trigger pack and being shot suppressed.)

    When running the two "problem mags" with the SEF housing, I can shoot slowly (one round, pause, one round) and they "might" have the issue at some point of finishing out the whole mag.
    If I shoot rapidly ("mag dump" style), I can get about 2-4 shots off before the mag "unseats/unlocks" and I have to "re-seat" it.

    When I switch back to the stock housing, I can do a complete "mag dump" with absolutely no issues whatsoever.

    I have no idea what the relation to the housing is, but "something" is causing it.
    And this is only an issue with 2 specific KCI gen2 mags. My other KCI gen 2 mags and my POF mags work flawlessly in all situations.

    Like said though, I'm done chasing it. Just wanted to post up the findings for anyone who was curious because I hate when people post an issue and then don't ever post their final findings.

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