MP5 (PCS-9N) rear sight issue - not enough elevation adjustment
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Thread: MP5 (PCS-9N) rear sight issue - not enough elevation adjustment

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    Default MP5 (PCS-9N) rear sight issue - not enough elevation adjustment


    I was trying to zero my PCS-9N today and discovered that my rear site drum does not seem to adjust low enough to achieve a 25m zero with 115gr 9mm.

    I realize that the "proper" HK factory zero is supposed to be achieved with 124gr NATO ammo at 25m, but I typically shoot 115gr and I assumed that it should be possible in either case.

    I am using the sight adjustment tool properly and was able to make some adjustments successfully, however, the sight drum gets very tight and stops (I assume the drum is bottoming out) which results in an impact roughly 3 inches high at 25m.

    Am I correct in thinking that there should be more adjustment range than this? If so, is this a known issue? Does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix this?

    I am wondering if it is possible/necessary to remove the sight drum and have some material removed from the bottom surface in order for the drum to rotate further? I haven't disassembled the rear sight assembly yet to know whether this actually makes sense, or if something else is causing the issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hard to say sir what is going on we test fire them all with a 115 gr on the 2nd aperture setting at 25 m.
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