best magazine options ptr91?
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Thread: best magazine options ptr91?

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    Default best magazine options ptr91?

    I have a ptr 91 that came with a surplus mag. the mag is awful. I know surplus is a mixed bag. Anyone make new mags? Or is there something to look for in the surplus market?

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    I never had a problem with HK91 aluminum or steel mags. Surplus good, excellent or new.

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    You don't mention what the issue is with the mag that came with your rifle. Is it cosmetic or is it a functional problem. Have you taken in apart and cleaned it? IF it is functional and cleaning the dirt out of it doesn't fix it then it could be a weak spring or damaged feed lips.

    New mags are out there. I think I may have picked up a handful of them on a whim. Yeah they didn't have any scratches to speak of on them but most of the score of surplus aluminum mags I've picked up have been every bit as tight, square and other than a few exterior scrapes in the same functional condition. Some were apparently never inserted into a rifle. The few steel ones I have do show some signs of being used but are functionally ok. In all honesty, if I had it to do over again I probably would not have purchased the new ones. I probably paid the same amount I would have for 4 times as many surplus mags.

    Being in CA, I have 3 or 4 surplus mags blocked to 10 rounds. One of these mags was damaged on the front of the mag where it is retained by the receiver. The others although well used before someone modified them to block them to 10 round capacity have worked fine. People who are modifying mags for sale in restricted states are usually going to start with the lowest cost option and that's surplus mags in less than stellar condition. Every one of the modified mags I received was dirty inside and most of them had metal shavings and the pop rivet rattling around int them before I cleaned them.

    Some sellers will offer different grades of product when selling surplus items. Sometimes those grades mean something and by paying a bit more you might get a better looking condition but depending on person or company doing the grading it is still a bit of a crap shoot. If you are buying in person say at a gunshow you can at least look at what you are buying.

    The mag that came with my PTR-91 was NOT the one that came from PTR. That one was swapped out with a 10 round mag by the vendor in order to ship it to CA and the flash hider was removed at the same time. The magazine that I mentioned as bad was the one that was included in place of the one from PTR. I purchased two other modified mags from the same vendor when I bought the rifle and those were fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DieselMcBadass View Post
    I have a ptr 91 that came with a surplus mag. the mag is awful. I know surplus is a mixed bag. Anyone make new mags? Or is there something to look for in the surplus market?

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    I must have 50 or more surplus aluminum mags I accumulated over the years that were $1 each. None better. GARY

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