Ended GB Z5P Auction
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Thread: Ended GB Z5P Auction

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    Default Ended GB Z5P Auction

    Given everything that was included, I didn't think this was a bad deal. Opinions?


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    I thought this was a fairly decent deal given the current situation we find ourself in and was bidding myself but noped out at the end, couldn't justify going up to nearly 4k sadly.

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    It was refinished in standard semigloss black cerakote. :/

    Many of those magazines are not HK, but MKE. The kicker is a binary trigger pack.
    I'd say it was spot on price +/- ~$250.

    You could tell this person loved his Zenith.


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    Florida Residents for shipping - there is one on Florida Gun Trader for $3k. They were running $2.2-2/5 three months ago

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