CETME/C308 tall front sight post
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Thread: CETME/C308 tall front sight post

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    Default CETME/C308 tall front sight post

    Wanted to ask if anyone knows if a taller front sight post is available for CETME/C308. My front sight post is maxed out on the elevation adjustment is literally hanging by a thread. Thanks

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    I searched high and low. My search terms weren't that great but I'm not finding much. I will refer back to here if I come up with something.


    PS: Worst case scenario, you could bead weld on top of the sight post and file it down to a tip, then paint.

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    I've never seen a taller than stock front sight post for a Cetme. I just removed on from a build last week, yours must be sticking up very high, there are a lot of threads below the post.

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