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    Default First HK build question

    Hey guys just joined and I'm going to attempt my first mp5 build but have a few questions I purchased a flat from rtgparts now I wanted to do a reverse stretch before I continue I know all the legalities and what I'm going to have to do to be compliment here's my questions a reverse stretch is a full mp5 except for the front end the barrel trunion and bolt carrier correct???? So will I be able to use a mp5k barrel and trunion in the rtgparts flat? And would I use a mp5k bolt carrier or a regular mp5 bolt carrier or or is it impossible for any mp5 k parts to go into a regular mp5 flat any help and input would be much appreciated thanks

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    cocking tube and support will be k length. Support you will actually have to check, it may need to be custom. DISCLAIMER: I have not built a reverse stretch yet, so am just referring to what I have read and my 51k build experience.

    Bolt carrier should be regular, a k will fit in there but with a full size reciever you have room to run a full MP5 Bolt carrier. You will have to see about what locking peice you may need to properly cycle it though.

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    Welcome to the site--- keep us update on the build, and pictures of the finished project!!!


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    Sounds like it will be an awesome build.
    Good luck and progress pics please!!!
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    Thank you for your help much Appreciated and I will definitely post progress pics RightNow I'm just trying to buy all the parts I need so there is no hold ups waiting for a part I'm pretty excited tho and just a quick clarification I'd use a K barrel and k trunion correct? Cause I see they sell a k trunion so I'm assuming there's a difference in it compared to a regular mp5 Trunion. Anyone know of any flat bending jigs for sale I'm on the waiting list for one but that's like 5 or 6 weeks out and I won't have any fingers left waiting that long

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    The gun club is literally out my back yard I can walk through the woods 80 yards and be at the club so I can't wait to take it down for some fun the guys will love it I've built some others but nothing like this I've never welded so that's the only part I'm worried about I should be ok but if anyone has any more I fo or advice please don't hesitate I'd love as much as I could get tips or tricks I'm here to listen thanks

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    A * denotes 1 922 compliance component.
    Roller Slav's Parts List™

    Weldment Kit
    Muzzle Device*
    Front Sight Assembly
    Rear Sight Assembly
    Cocking Tube
    Cocking Tube Support
    Cocking Handle w/ Hardware
    Cocking Tube End Cap
    *Paddle Mag with Bushing Kit
    Mag Release Kit
    BCG Assembly**
    -Complete Bolt(*)
    -Firing Pin
    -Firing Pin Spring
    -Locking Piece
    Recoil Rod Assembly
    Complete Trigger Pack****
    Complete Trigger Housing (+ Safety Lever)
    Stock* (Or Endcap*/Brace*)

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